Your jobs and lives outside of Fiverr?


I was just curious what else you guys do to support yourselves or what your outside-of-the-internet lives consisted of. :smiley:

I am a work at home data entry clerk in the erm… cough adult cough industry as well as an erotica ghostwriter. Both jobs pay me so wonderfully, and I never have to leave my house, but I secretly hate doing it. v_v So boring. I’m also enrolled in romance novel writing classes online and doing part time spell casting (when the husband isn’t looking!) Other than that, I’m just a pregnant woman that is gaining about 20 lbs a day. I gave up my Marine Corps career for our baby on the way and so my husband can pursue his military career. We both agreed that it’d be best for one of us to stay home so the child wouldn’t feel disconnected from his parents.

So what do you guys do? :smiley:

mrspanda said: I gave up my Marine Corps career for our baby on the way and so my husband can pursue his military career. We both agreed that it'd be best for one of us to stay home so the child wouldn't feel disconnected from his parents.

We made the same decision, although I was medically discharged from the RAF in the end before I could make the decision to leave myself. We needed a way to support ourselves since my husband is training to be an optician now and I'm training part time to be a lawyer (not sure whether solicitor or barrister yet (UK)) so I work from home as a ghost writer - and now under my own name - to keep some income coming in. It's difficult to juggle it all but we're slowly getting there and finding a way to make it work.


I’m actually a freelance illustrator and also an English teacher. My teaching job pays most of my bills, but I get big freelance projects every now and then. Fiverr is simply something I do on the side, but I do get orders every week so it is wonderful. Big thanks to my friend who introduced me to fiverr!

So, this is what my day is like: I wake up, check my emails and my orders. If I have an order, that’s great, I get started right away. If not, no problem, I just relax until it is time to go to work.

Teaching is fun, (I’m working in Tokyo) and my students entertain me a lot…mainly by making strange mistakes in the lesson.

The other day I had a student who is a mom, and she was complaining that her teenage daughter will not clean her own room at all. Then the mom told me that one day she came home from shopping and found her daughter’s remains all over the floor. I was like WTF??? Somebody killed her daughter and cut her up???

Turns out to be that the mom was trying to say "My daughter left her clothes all over the floor."

Stuff like this happens all the time, LOL.


Reply to @zeus777: LOL! That’s pretty hilarious. I’m actually in Okinawa. The people here are SO nice.

So you are a native English speaker that’s teaching over there?


Reply to @mrspanda:

Actually, I’m Japanese, but grew up in the states. After I graduated from a college in California, I came back to Japan to work. I still go to the states every year though, so that’s why fiverr is great, I can send money to my account in the states while I’m here in Japan. :smiley:


Outside fiverr, I work as a fulltime webdesigner and a college student (1 more year to go! yey!) I love music and love to hang out with friends but well I didnt get to hang out with anybody for the past 3 months except my family and some friends (lol).


I do video production outside fiverr and with fiverr. Double bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a writer both on and off Fiverr. I work on other websites, plus have private clients too and do my own fiction writing as well.


Right now I work appx 33 hours per week at wal-mart and am a single parent(my fulltime job lol) I am trying to fiverr more so I can stay at home! I wish I knew where to find the cough cough job! there is so many scams out there!


I’m a SAHM who’s had some health problems (I have a nerve damage disorder called PHN) and this is therapy for me, as well as some extra income that we need. I used to do everything from office management to jewelry making, so I’m used to being a Jane of All Trades. :wink:


Reply to @crcanny: Well your gigs are wonderful… I knit, personally, but I would not have the patience to do it for gigs. :slight_smile:

Reply to @katylady77: Yeah I stumbled across the job randomly on craigslist. He demands 4 hours a day of data entry… which absolutely destroys my brain cells, but he pays $31.25 an hour to make up for the brain frying so I really can’t complain. The work output is so ridiculous but it’s the closest thing I can find to full time job pay. He has over 200 clerks quit monthly just because of the high volume work.

Reply to @arnevb: Your topic specifies to JOBS. People are so much more interesting when they define themselves by other things besides occupation. :slight_smile:


Own a marketing company, so technically, this is part of my job.