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Your Level Doesn't Matter

As many of you know I’m a regular in this forum and I’d say one of the most common topics I see here is that buyers do unfair things and then the sellers’s ratings go down, jeopardizing, or even being solely responsible for, the seller level being demoted.

Many, many, many months ago I stopped caring about Levels for this reason.

I refuse to become anxious or run my business around unfair things that are out of my control.

I know this sounds silly, because logic suggests that buyers are more likely to choose a Level 1 or Level 2 or a TRS. But you know what? I’ve found it’s just not true.

Maybe I would get more orders if I had a level, I’m not sure. But when a client’s work means a great deal to them, clients focus more on evidence of a return on investment than on what level you are.

Maybe they’ll look at Sellers with Level 1, 2 or TRS first. Maybe… But if they don’t see what they’re looking for, they’ll look at all sellers.

Note that a Level doesn’t indicate professionalism or quality. Plenty of Level 2 and TRS sellers are pretty much incompetent or at the very least unethical. Buyers will notice this!

And when I’ve researched my competition who are Level 1, Level 2 and TRS, a lot of them just don’t provide the evidence of ROI that I do.

So even without a level, I stand out in the market on Fiverr because it’s evident I provide better value and I’m generally more skilled and more professional than much of my competition.

I’m not at all condoning Fiverr’s unfair approach to ratings/levels. I’m just saying that it doesn’t dictate your success here like a lot of people argue.

The only thing that disappoints me is that I only have a couple of extras available without a level, but oh well.

Don’t lose sleep over things you can’t control.

Focus on things you can, as ultimately they’ll make you more successful, anyway. Research your market and differentiate yourself. Improve skills that prove to sellers you’re a good investment while communicating your high quality.

Your quality of life and general health will thank you for it. I know mine does – and I have a lot of health problems!


Thank you @humanissocial for your good information. Its really helpful post. :smiley:


Levels Matter. If you are selling tweets may be it don’t. If you are selling tangible service like webdesign it matters.
You can’t charge more for tweets as a level 2. But you can definitely charge more if you are selling graphic design.
Level indicate your experience and competence. If you are selling service like voice over. Level matters.
Once again totally depends on what you are selling. I have seen one video production service sold for $4000 by top seller. Yes, for $4000. And that seller has sold multiple of them.
There a reason for fiverr levels. A highly skilled service and a higher level is an formidable combination.
Does new clients look at level? They definitely do. May be not repeat clients. By new i mean new to you not new to fiverr.


If that $4000 designer loses their rank, do they lose the skill and competence that got them to where they at?


Well, that was not a $4000 design but a video production service. Rarely such sellers loose level. No, they will not loose the skill and competence and will get back the level soon again.


I get more inquiries when I lose my level 1 seller badge. Sometimes it’s true that level doesn’t matter.


helpful post thank you keep up the good work


Thanks for the insult! Goodness… My Tweets aren’t tangible, guys. (Sarcasm)

You’ve missed my point, surprise surprise. This is about ROI. Proper buyers want that regardless of the service being offered.

You don’t get sales when you’re superfluous in your market regardless of what level you have

I’m not superfluous and people want what I’ve done to differentiate myself. That’s my whole point.

It’s also about differentiating yourself in the market and being in demand with low competition.

Want to know how I sell? I may have like 30,000 sellers selling the same thing. But most of them are incompetent and don’t tailor the work to buyer goals.

I do.

That’s why I make sales… and do so without a level.

It’s not because I don’t have a “tangible service.” That makes no sense. The effect of competition on a market is the same regardless of how “tangible” it is…

But if you want to argue with me that being one out of like 40,000 graphic designers is not a problem as long as you have a level, go ahead. Let me know how it works out.

If you want to argue that the reason you’re not making sales is because you don’t have a level, good luck to you.


Thank you.

Apparently the laws of supply and demand don’t apply if you have a “tangible” service, right @hrizvi2000 (sarcasm)

And supposedly you can overcome being superfluous in your market by having a Level… Nope.


Very good suggestion for me, thanks you so much


I agree with @humanissocial here. I saw Pro level sellers that had lots of reviews and very high prices, even if they weren’t even level 1. Plus, no one pushes you to charge more or less, that’s up to you. Levels don’t matter, your reviews do. Most if not all people will try to see your reviews first before buying, they couldn’t care less about levels.


Thank you.

Having a level doesn’t mitigate the impact of being superfluous. It just doesn’t. That’s not how markets work, plus buyers here are savvy enough to know that a level doesn’t equal value.

@hrizvi2000 I see your point about scaling but it actually has nothing to do with my point.

And I CAN scale my work by the way, but I won’t tell you how since you argued my work is not “tangible.”


Also, I never said clients don’t look at your level. I said the level status doesn’t dictate if they decide to buy from you. Because it doesn’t.

If your level is the only thing that communicates your value, something isn’t right.


Levels indicate how much money you’ve generated for Fiverr. You can tell yourself it’s because you’re great at what you do, but there are dozens if not hundreds of Level One and Level Two sellers with pretty bad products who have somehow sold thousands.

As @humanissocial mentioned, levels can become jeopardized because of a single buyer, you should try checking averages and you’ll notice that it could only take about 3 or 4 bad buyers to be left with a rating below 4.7, anyway, it’s a shame you felt the need to insult someone elses gigs to try get this poor point across.


I think levels do matter on Fiverr. If I had a good idea for a new gig I can’t create it currently without deleting an existing gig, but if I was level 2 I could. It also affects the number of active gigs you can have.

Things (or some of them) that make sellers get demoted (cancellations, etc.) will also affect likely their rank, at least temporarily. eg. 1 cancellation would make a seller’s gig go down in rank quite a bit for a while I think, and so affect orders.

The level also affects access to buyer requests which can affect orders if you often get orders through that (eg. you’ll see much fewer buyer requests (maybe none often) if you’re level 0 than if you are level 1).

Also for the search results I assume Fiverr uses level as one of the things to rank gigs, which could help with orders for those with the higher levels.


Thanks. He was pretty much saying that I perform well without a level because my work is supposedly less valid than his work is and supposedly requires less skill.

Which doesn’t even make sense, but that’s what some people do to try to discredit someone. He obviously has a lot invested in his level and I bet he thinks he wouldn’t make sales without it.


For that feature, yes. But I wasn’t talking about creating extra gigs. I’m talking about selling existing gigs.

Absolutely and that’s a great point. But that’s another reason my differentiation and ROI points matter even more: my ranking doesn’t determine the sales I get.

People who want value don’t just rely on seeing what they want on a sub-category page. They use filters, search keywords and browse other pages.

While people searching Google tend to not visit page 2, 3, etc. that rule doesn’t apply to marketplaces. People dig deeper when they’re particular about getting value, when they’re going to buy something.


Though that may not be easy to tell for sure. You can’t tell what the number of orders would have been right now if you were a higher level than you are currently. You might have made more, especially if you were even easier to find in the search results/subcategory pages.

On average, higher levels have more reviews than lower level sellers (that may be partly because of the level requirements require a higher number of orders for the higher levels but it may also be because those higher levels help get future sales (because of search ranking, etc.).

Also Fiverr is probably more likely to give other things to higher level sellers (the new gig promotion thing, the “Fiver’s Choice”, the Studio membership/leader). A very low percentage of gigs with the Fiverr’s Choice badge seem to be from level 0 sellers, and that could affect sales (eg. if TRS are the most likely to get it, that will increase the chance of people clicking on their gig and buying it if it has that Fiverr’s Choice badge and so the level helped them get more sales).


It’s true, I can’t. But I’m happy with the amount of sales I get here. I meet my targets here and I don’t want to go over them because of the risks.

And I don’t care about the perks. You seem to have read “don’t matter” as in there’s no benefits to having a level. I know there are. I’m only saying I don’t need a level to make sales because that’s what people are worried about.

People think they’ll stop getting sales if they don’t have a level. All I’m saying is that’s not true. I’m well aware that having a level has perks.


I agree with you for the most part. I’m a TRS with 595 completed orders, and not 1 of them was specifically because I was a TRS (or any other level for that matter). My track record speaks for itself and that is what gets the orders - the level is just another consequence of the work done, not the other way around.