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Your Level Doesn't Matter

How did you know that?

  1. 80% of my orders are repeat orders from buyers who used me before I was TRS.
  2. 20% are word of mouth referrals from previous buyers (and they tell me that when they contact me).

That’s huge… :clap: congratulation!
Please start a thread and give us tips to gain more repeat orders. Based on your personal experience.

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Learned something new. Thanks.

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Yes. Obviously. A big number of people address others as Dear, Sir , Madam. But, they don’t know it’s unprofessional and it’s not giving any return. Thanks for sharing the information.

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You are absolutely right. If the quality of the work speakes louder, then level doesn’t matter at all.

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Its really helpful information for us …

couldn´t agree more with you @humanissocial

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Very interesting discussion!

My level MAY drop if I don’t get additional sales over the next few weeks due to having to cancel one order after the buyer started making requests that I couldn’t fulfill. It’s frustrating too because over the 6 years I’ve been a part of Fiverr - my overall cancellation rate is 2.7% (15 cancelled orders vs. 554 completed ones).

I wish in times of extra slow sales - like during Covid-19 for me - Fiverr would take into consideration the large® picture instead of just the small one.

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Thank you ! Dear. For your useful information.

I agree with you to some extent, but it can not be generalized because level matters for many of the buyers

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