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Your message is being reviewed

Hello Fiverr Community,
I sent a message to a seller and nothing was wrong in the message and it has been 24 hours and the message is under review,
I already got a warning from Fiverr due to the same type of message, My question is that is I am going to receive another warning, How much time it will take to review the message, as It has been 24 hours.


Don’t use Anything that’s under TOS … Example: pay, review, Gmail etc…


Because you used terms that are against fiverr rules, so they review your message if you did something wrong like:
-if you mentioned paypal (banned word)
-out of fiverr (banned sentence)
things like this.
It happened to me once when I wrote “careful it is forbidden to add each others out of fiverr”
Then after review nothing was wrong, it’s just trigger terms.

So if you already got one warning for that kind of message why did you write another message like that?

I sent two message at same , for one I got warning , and other is being reviewed? why? they didn’t send two warning at once?

I did not write such kinds of words, I just sent a direct message to seller in response to buyer request.

And that’s your violation. It’s spam.


Message system is for buyer’s and seller’s communication where buyers will send first message to sellers. Then both will communicate with each other.
As far I know Fiverr recommend sellers that don’t send messages to other sellers.
But sellers able to buy different service from other sellers. Not from those seller’s of same catego category. ( Absolutely different servics)

It is out of Fiverr TOS. Buyer request section is only for buyer’s and seller’s will respond. Why you have posted a request ?
You may think many sellers are doing that. Yes it is true. And it is a problem for us to find out actual buyers.
Whenever fiverr will able to identify those sellers, also they will get a warning same as you.

So I hope you understand that you have got warning for valid reasons.
So don’t do it again.

So my question is that, will I get a second warning because I sent two message at same time to different buyers? for one I got warning and other is being reviewed

You might. Or you might not. It all depends on the agent that will be reviewing it

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