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Your message was flaged for review

Today’s i got a message or Warning from fiverr. When i chat my buyer over notification section order update then fiverr send me this warning. I don’t know why fiverr send me this. PLEASE see the image below.
What should i do? This is affected for my account?

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We don’t know why you received this warning either, but I can assure you, it is valid, and there was a reason. Be patient. Just like the warning text states, the Trusty and Safety team will look into it within the next 24 hours.


If you post the message (black out/hide any identifying info) we can tell you what we suspect.

The system flags things when it thinks someone is trying to directly connect outside of Fiverr. Any info that looks like it’s contact related can get flagged.

For example, in a Voice Over it may say “Call 601-335-2020” or have a URL that is for their site.

Depending on where in the world they are, some want the “0” to be zero in a phone number, but in much of the world they say “Oh” rather than “zero”. (Six Oh One, Three Three Five, Two Oh, Two Oh)

Or then could want it “Twenty-twenty” at the end.

When I send a message to get it clarified, often it will get flagged because the automated systems “sees” the phone numbers and flags it. (I suspect it assumes I’m saying “call me”).

It’s annoying in the VO category, because we often have to clarify personal info because it’s shown in the Whiteboard/video on screen and I’m voicing the audio…

I understand why they do that, and as you get to be a higher volume seller, they seem to clear it faster.


This is affected for my account?

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i got flagged for mentioning a zip file once… who knew…

All I literally said was, ‘The updated recordings are attached in a zip file for you. Thanks!’

It was annoying, but it did go through within about 4 hours. I rarely do zip files, but it was a package of 60+ files that I didn’t want to bother attaching one by one.

It doesn’t have any negative effect on your account as far as I know unless they actually find something suspicious.


YES! @leahemme is totally correct.
No effect UNLESS you are actually sending something with contact info.

I was flagged for saying something like:

“If you purchased this same service outside of Fiverr, it would cost three to four times as much…”

It was flagged, then released because obviously the system must have read that as “contact me outside of Fiverr…”

Just a matter of the system set up to catch certain word combinations. They can’t possible read every message, but they can scan them looking for things that MIGHT be outside the Terms of Service (TOS).


Thank you @lisabaarns for your kind information. Hopefully my account doesn’t affected by this message.

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If you´re not saying anything that really is violating ToS but only is taken as it by the automated scan of the messages taking your words out of context, there´s no reason it would affect your account. Only make sure that you send another message to your buyer (or seller, depending) which doesn´t contain the word/s that got the message flagged, if you talked about a time-sensitive issue in the flagged message (can be difficult to guess which phrase got you flagged though sometimes -_-).


Yes, that’s why i can not understand fiverr warning.

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I got it many times while sending urls to my buyers. It doesn’t affect your account in anyway and I believe this is being done automatically. If I think that it is important that my message has to reach my buyer immediately and not with some delay, I rephrase the same content, like removing http://www part of the url or something similar and send again. Since conveying information in a timely manner is very important here, you just have to find ways to say it differently, without breaking the TOS :wink:


Do you give me some of phrase which fiverr forbidden?
I don’t know which phrase fiverr has been forbidden.

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Some of the urls I send contain server login details, but nothing obvious in my case. Probably Fiverr thought I am sending my contact information inside those url pages!!

Regarding your message, “purchase” “outside of Fiverr” and “cost” might have flagged it.


Thanks for your kind information.:slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Fiverr only taught us to “Be Creative” :wink:

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@lisabaarns Did you get a WARNING EMAIL from fiverr over that Flagged message. “If yes” then Please tell me did that flag from your message after the Warning email was removed or not. I came across similar situation.
A message of mine got flagged, I got a warning email, but even after warning email my message is STILL FLAGGED. I wander why message is still flagged even after warning email.
Your soon response will be appreciated.

Your message was probably still flagged because it is indeed a violation. I got a message flagged once for mention “pay” but it was cleared after they checked it and realized it was said within the Fiverr context. I can only think it remained flagged so the buyer does not see the information you were trying to pass on.

A message if flagged because the system thinks we violated the TOS.

It can take a day or so before CS clears the message, and sometimes it’s just easier to reword the message.

There are a set of trigger words/phrases. You can usually send a similar message to your client with different wording. They don’t tell us all the words/phrases, because they don’t want people working around them.

The warning email doesn’t mean the flag has been cleared, just that it’s still under review.

Again: Look at the message, see what could be taken as “trying to communicate off the platform” and reword. That’s often faster than waiting for the flag to be removed.

Also note: I’m assuming your message wasn’t trying to communicate… There may be other reasons, but without seeing the exact note, we are all just guessing about the “why” here.

Past Fiverr this may not have affected your account but what about present day Fiverr and future Fiverr?