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Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team

I do not know if I’m in the correct section. Last night I delivered a job, respecting the delivery time correctly, only that this message appeared to me:

" Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.
In the meantime, your message is not visible to . Your patience is appreciated."

I have delivered the job on time, but now I am told that the delivery was not carried out probably due to this message. It therefore appears that I am late with delivery and on the order page I have no way of making another delivery, I can only communicate with the customer only through a normal message.
What can I do? I have never had delays in deliveries and this will affect the evaluation of my profile

The 24 hours have passed, it appears that the delivery is in super delay and that the customer can cancel the order. My profile will be damaged by this thing, even if it does not depend on me. I do not know what to do, in despair I tried to contact Customer Support too :sob:

Is there no “deliver” or “re-deliver” button? If there isn’t any of those buttons there might not be anything you can do (appart from messaging your buyer). Unless you can try the “Dispute” button to ask for a delivery extension if that’s available.

Maybe it will work out okay once Fiverr accepts the flag (or maybe not) in terms of whether it is counted as late (eg. it might look at the time you actually delivered as determine that it wasn’t actually late).

The message that says “This process may take up to 24 hours” is misleading when it’s over a weekend or past their working hours on a Friday. You’ll have to wait until Fiverr staff are back in on Monday morning before they check the flagged message/delivery I think.

About the flag - you must have put certain words in the delivery message box and so the delivery message got flagged (eg. be careful which words are entered in messages or the delivery text box, eg. don’t mention “off fiverr” or certain other words).

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No, there is no “deliver” or “re-deliver” button.

Yes, I can do this, but I do not want to extend the order. I delivered the job on time. Since my post with the delivery of the work was blocked, I sent a normal message to the buyer within the order and attached the work I had to deliver.
Requesting to extend delivery times would be like saying that I did not do the job on time, which is not true :neutral_face:

It happened Thursday evening, or rather it was Thursday night in Italy

Ohhhh ok

Thank you so much for your answer and for the explanation :heart_eyes:

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Not in all cases. I got the same issue a few months ago. I delivered the order using my standard, pre-written message + google drive link (have done it 700+ times) and it was still marked for the review. It appears that sometimes it’s just a bug. For some reason Fiverr didn’t like the link.

In terms of how to deal with it - I just messaged the buyer about this situation on inbox, re-upload the footage and paste new link there. Really no other way to go around it.

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If you notice there is deliver again button at the top enabled even after the deliver has been made. You can contact the CS and they will check and solve the issue. You can also put up your case with your messages with the buyer as an evidence. Best of luck!

I haven’t sent any links. It probably depends on some word I wrote in my delivery message, I think, at this point

Thanks for the advice

Yes, usually yes, but in this case the button has just disappeared from the page. There is nowhere. I also tried it with ctrl + F but nothing

I hope so. Thank you

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Yeah, any number of red flag words can do this. Terms such as “payment,” any email links or the like will throw you under the bus. It’s really hard when your project actually had to do with one of the “red flag” words! I had to do a rewrite of email protocols for a client, it was fun dancing around that one!