Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team


The 2nd time in 24 hours that Fiverr has flagged a simple reply as a possible TOS violation.

I’m not typing in anything rude or wrong! Anyone else feeling like they are walking on egg shells all day on Fiverr?


Usernames of buyers are visible in the warnings, you may want to hide them.

In the first message, maybe it’s because “outside of Fiverr”? For the same reason as “pay”, “mail”, “Skype”, and so on?


Yes, others have commented on this on the forum. My own messages have been flagged too. One thing I see in common with your second one is that one of my flagged messages had a hyperlink. It was nothing bad and related to helping the buyer but it wasnt allowed through. I agree that your wording “outside” probably nailed you on the first one. It’s been intense.

From the forum, I would say that attachments are also being monitored closely. The one positive thing I hope is that this is temporary for good sellers but will help clear out some of the bad eggs.


I chat a lot with people constantly but have never seen that message.

I do know that my messages are read. As long as you aren’t violating the terms of service then it’s just an inconvenience.


I agree with you @misscrystal


I had completely harmless messages flagged, and yes, I find it annoying that one can’t use everyday words like mail, money, outside, even words you can’t possibly even guess might be flag-able offenses, in conversations, especially if you try to explain something related to a buyer and don’t want to sound ridiculous by circumscribing like a loony.

I do get why these words get flagged of course, and feel observed and annoyed and babysitted by it, like I guess most people also do when they never ever have stolen and wouldn’t, but are watched by cameras and detectives and asked to lift their bag from the shopping cart by cashier staff.

I suppose though that the shops don’t waste their money on cameras and security staff for nothing and fiverr might know that too many people would go against their TOS and abuse their system, if they didn’t do that.

I don’t like it, no, I don’t have any idea how they could solve that problem of theirs better though.

edit: Hm, the edit box when using the forum on phone doesn’t have that ‘choose reason’ for edit.
Anyways, edited for a typo.


It’s not like there’s a TNS geek sitting behind a monitor all day and reading everyone’s messages.

Keywords are in places to flag the potential TOS violating messages.

We have to remember, this place is NOT the government, so talking like your god darn natural rights are being violated here is quite humorous.

Everyone uses YouTube, but did anyone bother with its TOS? They ACTUALLY do NOT allow you to post a lot of things.

So when in Rome, do as the Romans.

If you are a seasoned seller, by now you should already have figured out how to carry a normal conversations via inbox already.:older_man:


DJ, you can’t call it a normal conversation if you have to figure out how to do it.


True, but isn’t any conversation _ab_normal, when you are NOT well versed in the language of it?:nerd:

Conversation being blocked

In the first message you have “outside of Fiver” and “offering” probably they flagged you for it. And in the last: a link. Even if you post a Fiverr link, like your gig, they will flag it. I had similar situation 3 days ago. It’s annoying because you cannot converse normally and your potential buyer is confused.


That is odd because I’ve been on Fiverr for years as a website developer. I have always listed links to products like themes and WordPress plugins for my client to purchase directly so they have their own valid license! Like I had a link the the ‘Extra’ theme for the client to take a look. Quite often it’s a link to Themeforest or Envato.

Just seems like they are being overly aggressive lately with the message flagging. While I understand why they do it, the potential customer is left waiting for a reply and thinks you are suddenly ignoring them. Does anyone know IF fiverr even bothers to post a notice on the receivers end that a reply was sent and is being reviewed by fiverr so they don’t sit there waiting hours for a reply.


How am I violating the TOS mahfugalam? misscrystal didn’t say that I was either.


No you aren’t. He took that part out of his response.

Put up with the inconveniences for a while and gradually they should decrease as your trustworthiness goes up over time. At least that’s my theory.

I have money spells and use that word a lot and the red warning box always pops up but I have to ignore it. There are at least a dozen words that make it pop up or might cause them to read the conversation. It’s fine with me if they do. I’ve never had a message delayed for 24 hours.


Aaand… Now it happened to me, too. I have completely forgotten about this issue, and I have politely warned a new buyer (I see from his profile that he’s new to Fiverr, too) that contact outside of Fiverr is forbidden. He placed his order, and on the order page, he sent me instructions, plus the link to his Facebook profile (I have no idea why, because it’s a personal profile, and has no information related to the project). The message was immediately flagged for review.

Now, here’s an interesting situation: I have sent him two messages on the order page, one with questions about the order, and the second one with the warning (and asking him why he sent me the link). The second message got flagged, and he won’t be able to see it until the Trust and Safety team reviews it. Will he be able to see and respond to the first message?


If they think they have to flag left and right, front and center, they really should start to think about a TOS multiple choice quiz on signing up for an account to shove the main points in people’s faces. Of course there are people who try it in spite of knowing, but I bet most people just didn’t read the TOS. Sellers probably read them to a higher percentage, but truth be told, I don’t think I’d have read them so thoroughly if I’d signed up to buy.
It doesn’t make sense to not implement something as simple as a TOS quiz and rather swat at buyers and sellers in such cases, it costs everyone time, the buyer, the seller, the fiverr staff who have to check those flagged messages.


A quiz might make some (or many) people give up, though. If you enter a shop to buy, you don’t want to answer any quiz questions, you want to find what you need and buy it.


True, though they could gamify it, give out badges, or make a hip get s…tuff done video quiz out of it. Make it fun and not chore so people who already are registered would complain that they don’t have to take it. :wink:


When an important message is flagged, I usually immediately, take a screenshot of the message and post it right back.

That way the buyer is aware and gets the message as well. TNS usually clears it afterwards, as this also goes to show that you weren’t trying to be shady about something.


@djgodknows The first message wasn’t flagged, only the second (no important questions in that one).

Do you think that I should take a screenshot of both messages and send it on the order page as an attachment?


Here’s something that might be useful to know: the buyer just responded to the first message (the one that wasn’t flagged). So, communication is still possible.

Now excuse me, I’ve got a script to write. :smile_cat: