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Your most BIZARRE/////WEIRD Fiverr experience?

Hey there y’all

So lets start with mine.

I once had a buyer who wanted a person to do crazy things… LIKE REAL CRAZY STUFF!!! e.g. he wanted someone to make videos of them doing the following:

  1. Pour mud all over yourself then lie down on your tummy in sun
  2. Pour an egg in an old battered shoe and put it on
  3. Pour black chocolate all over your arms then rinse it off with milk
  4. Pour a day old soup in a glove and wear…

and other such 50 tasks.

DAMN I was so grossed out but the pay he offered was mouthwatering I meant in 4 figures (0000)

So I offered it to my younger brother and he being a teenager and nothing better to do was happily on board. But he was very insecure about showing his face so I asked the buyer if he could cover his face partially with a mask to which the he reluctantly accepted.

Damn the videos went through and my brother was filthy rich

But come to think of it why would anyone want 50 videos like that and for possibly what purpose?

Mind you my brother was wearing a T shirt and Pyjamas and his face covered in all the videos so there was nothing immoral about. IT was just plain weird and grosss…

Any of you had such a weird/gross/bizarre experience?

Please do share I am all ears :smiley:

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I hope not. That sounds degrading but I know fiverr used to have gigs like that.


Used to have? not any more?

Fiverr removes them when they pop up. Or, such gigs may be searchable, but they will not appear in any promoted materials as they are not in Fiverr’s focal group to promote.


That is…
Yeah, I’ll go with ‘weird’. Maybe it was a list put together with random generation? Like MadLibs.

I don’t have any crazy story of my own, but I’ve see a few truly odd requests pop up in the Buyers Requests.


I deal with strange buyers every day… almost each day is one that comes from a different planet … I don’t understand how is it possible to say that you like my work , wait for 3 days then request revisions and say that ‘’ oh I don’t think that I like it ,can you do more ‘’ ? Although their requests are not very bizarre , they have a very bizarre behaviour …


Thats terrible you should report to fiverr support and have them taken care of such cheapstakes but even in such situations its mostly the seller who ends up paying the most. :frowning:

Fiverr don’t care about sellers bad experiences much. Check it out My client is MAD! this women didn’t even get warning from CS.

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There is literally more wrong with everything I just read here than I really know how to put into words.


ahahahah to be honest I was in a battle whether to share this on a public platform such as this … but ah what the heck… atleast my little bro was a good sport about it. He invested the money and got himself a camera and an editing system and now he is in one for the most reputable film schools of my region :smiley:


Oh GOSH see what I told you @cre8iveartwork

Why would the soup have to be a day old? Why “black” chocolate? There is a lot wrong here I agree.

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I mean even pouring soup in glove and wearing it is weird as hell and he also wanted soup to be day old

Honestly thats what I was gonna be asking you
this was like almost a 5 year old expereince that I am sharing and to this day I have no clue as to why :stuck_out_tongue:

The day old soup might be just to make it grosser/worse to do it than if it was more recently made soup.

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yes it had to be stale rotten and edible any more he insisted that look weird and not edible anymore… eeeshhh

yep thats correct you got it :smiley:

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I never liked the ones where people wrote things on their faces.

Ah true thats just plain wrong