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Your new friend is Stuck


My name is Mayen uddin and i am from Dhaka Bangladesh.Today is my first day at fiverr.My user profile is incomplete Beacuse i don’t know where to start and how to start.I am doing my undergradate program from a highly reputable university under Computer science and engineering Department.Few months back i got a scholarship from our Ministry of ICT where my field of study was web development.i have learned HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,BOOTSTRAP,JQUERY,MYSQL and PHP.
University is my first priority and because of that i did not do any internship in Web Development and i can not do a desk job either.
Freelancing is the only way for me to work from home.But i need some can i complete my profile? what should be my gig title? and i do not have a paypal account either.


Welcome. Suggest you check out for how to get started on Fiverr.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Reading Terms of Service will be beneficial too. Understanding them will make sure you always do the correct actions on Fiverr. :blush:


you can also use payoneer account


You can have more than one gig. Read the info in the link that @lloydsolutions posted and that should be of help.


To start off, I suggest the following:

  • Figure out how you’re going to get payed (paypal, payoneer, bank account)
  • Sit down and list your quality. Then come up with some services to sell.
  • Start with at most 3 gigs. Set them up one at a time, with relevant title specific to that gig’s service.
  • Write out some good body information or hire a professional to write your copy text.
  • Gather and add 3 relevant images to your gigs.
  • Be patient. Once all of this is done and you have your first gig up, be patient and if all the information is appropriate you will start receiving inquiries. Answer them quickly and efficiently.

Do your best. We got your back. Best of luck.

With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)