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Your opinion needed on this. Is this justified?

Your opinion needed on this. Is this justified?

Hey there,

Hmmmmm. Although the client seems to be going off on one, using language I wouldn’t expect from a client, I can’t help but wonder what you mean by:

“The person who works here is unavailable”.

Aren’t you the person? Either way, if the artist is unavailable, you should have put your gigs on hold. I also don’t understand your approach to the client of him being ‘your friend’. I personally wouldn’t use that approach with my gigs - the buyer is a client, not a friend.

That doesn’t excuse his comments of course.



Reply to @artworkking: I can see that the seller has now suspended all their gigs, but I’d also like to know why it was still up if the artist was unavailable. The buyer here does seem kind of crazy but I’d like to know more about the circumstances.


Actually, I searched for the buyer‘s history through Google. He never gives good rating, so it is most probable that he will not give 5/5 stars.

And he was demanding ppt in a gig that is meant to provide brochures in pdf.

Since I didn’t want to work with him, I requested to cancel the order writing that the worker it not available. Thereafter, he started FORCING me to work, and BLACKMAILING in the name of complaint to Fiverr.

I tried to resolve the issue by writing ”Friend” to him, but he didn’t change.


Someone can order a gig and not provide info. SOmeone can have a window open and order after a gig is suspended. It happens rarely but it does happen.

you have right to reject a project, especially when it some from some one you see trouble coming your way over it all. I did that once in the insurance biz, and sent a aggressive bully like customer to another agent and decline to work with him. He was so mad cause he was use to getting his bully way. I was not going to put up with it one bit. I decline commissions even and gave it to another agent. He fussed and fussed. Fact is, if you tell him you want to refund, and for him to go someplace else that provide best for his needs, U did right thing. is all you can do. I let my guy know his attitude was a conflict of interest and we just clashed.

& Its was that simple.

His response was inappropriate, althrough I do not know the back story. I do know that I’d be annoyed if someone on fiverr called me their “friend” and “common buddy,” but maybe that’s just a cultural difference. I find many people in Asia message me asking to be friends, and here in USA, that’s strange and not how friendships work. @-)