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Your opinion on charging extra for not including the project in portfolio

Sometimes a project does really give your portfolio a push, but some clients refuse to let you share their work in your portfolio or website.

Personally, I ask for a +20% for my local clients when they don’t let me share the work on my portfolio. I do make an exception when I know the product is not going to be released any soon.

Anyway, I want to know what you think about this.

Should you charge more for not including the project in your portfolio?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Against ToS

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I think that’s not a good policy to have.

Most of your clients will perceive it as a hostile term.

Why not add a +10% price change across the board instead?


You punish customers by having them pay extra if they refuse to permit the work to be displayed by you?

That seems quite blatantly antagonistic to people who have already purchased your services. Do you make it very clear to potential customers that if they don’t want to play ball with you, they’ll be paying extra?


Maybe you can change the name to “commercial/ privacy right” Instead ?

Or full ownership of the work

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How about just raise prices slightly and offer a small discount if they are willing to let you use it in your portfolio. Seems like a way friendlier way to do it and they receive a benefit it they help you out.


I really love this Idea but how you actually verify if the buyer will or will not do It anyway? I belive that most people are honest but for sure there will be the one that exploits this flaw in the system.

Or maybe I am missing something?

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I wouldn’t dream of trying to force my client to allow me the use of their content/product in my portfolio. Imagine if Coca Cola were standing outside your local supermarket, forcing you to take a picture with the bottle that they would own and use in their marketing - and if you didn’t want your photo taken, it would cost 20% more?

Nah. When my clients purchase my services, they own the rights to whatever I produce within the boundries of the agreement.

They might not want to show that the product has been purchased on Fiverr (there’s plenty of reasons for that, such as outsourcing etc.)

If you feel you need to raise the prices, then raise them - for everyone. That’s my opinion, anyway.


Thank you all for your feedback.

@frank_d What makes it different from selling the commercial use license? As I understand, if you are making money with my work then you should pay for commercial use. Preventing me from showing the work I have done for you, to other people, will prevent me from winning similar projects. Again, I am not talking about 100% of my projects, some projects are more interesting than others.

@enunciator How is this punishing? your example is very far from picturing the situation. I didn’t say I always charge more for not including the work, I said SOME projects.
If my neighbor hires me to play football for $5 in private, no big deal. If Messi hires me for the exact same thing, he should pay more, because playing with him could make me the next football star, not letting me say I played with Messi will erase that chance.

@ze_blender3d same thing different name

@digeisapo one of us is missing a point here

@smashradio another misleading example. If my local SODA company hired me to do their next CG commercial, and I share it in my portfolio, wouldn’t that give me a chance that Coca-Cola will hire me? If my local client didn’t let me share my work, I would never be recognized.

Imagine if the world is built where you are not permitted to show your past work to new clients, will you even win a $5 contest? no.

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How is my example misleading? The example was about how you do business, not what advantage you would get from doing the work (other than getting paid, of course!).

It must always be up to the client: if they don’t want to let you use the material they bought from you, then you shouldn’t punish them for it. If I was a buyer looking for a service on Fiverr, and I didn’t want to show it in the portfolio (the reasons don’t really matter, since I’m the one paying you to do work) I would promptly look for another freelancer if you tried to charge me extra for not showing the work in your portfolio.

In a competitive marketplace such as Fiverr, it would be easy to find someone else who can do what you do (most likely) and who’s not forcing me to let you publically use the work I paid for.

It’s that simple, really.

With all that said: if you want to force your buyers to pay more to keep you from using the end product, and your buyers are willing to do that, and you’re willing to spend time explaining that to every buyer, then sure, go right ahead.

But I don’t think my example is misleading, because it simply shows you that when you buy a product, you own it, and charging clients more is not something I view as beneficial. But whatever floats your boat, I guess. :slight_smile:

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