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Your opinion on my fiverr profile and gigs

Can you let me know your opinion on my fiverr gigs? I really want to know whether I am doing it right or not.
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Hi, just develop the descriptions a bit. Also, it’s not really clear if you offer X articles of 1000 words each, or all combined can sum up to 1000 words. If it is 1000 words each, and you offer citations, you are ultracheap, something that will make you will be discarded by a lot of serious buyers.

At the beginning is nice to go cheap, but too much will scare a lot of buyers. Just think in terms of $$ per hour.

However, that’s just my advice of course.

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Hi, Add more skills that prove you to know that you crated, change profile picture and upload a stunning picture

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Thank you on the useful advice and suggestions. Appreciate it!

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