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Your opinion on my recent dispute with buyer

Long story short, someone chose my gig where I would look up their three competitors and show all their AdWords campaigns, Backlinks, traffic etc. I spent a few hours working on it and two of the urls weren’t running ppc campaigns. I consistently messaged the buyer to let them know I even offered to do extra competitors for free to make up difference but not one response from buyer. I send all the work minus the ppc info but still 30 pages of reports for each competitor. Buyer still hasn’t said one word but keeps opening dispute for money back saying partial order. So basically they get my work for free and I can’t do anything about this? This seems way to easy for buyers to sucker sellers in and abuse them. Still the buyer has not messaged one word. Thoughts?


Tricky one - I don’t know much about this sort of service and how much of the job is missing because the PPC aspect wasn’t actionable. I wouldn’t have even started the work unless I was sure I could grant all parts though.

As you appear to have done the bulk of it (?) and have asked them repeatedly for direction, I’d personally keep rejecting the dispute and continue asking them to communicate with you - Only after they’ve communicated with you properly can you move forward.

It depends on how much the money means to you here really. You can “fight” it and risk getting a negative review or just grant the dispute and get shot of this customer. OR of course the customer starts acting like a professional and communicates with you to come to a resolution. Bear in mind however, the customer could turn to customer support and argue their case and they end up cancelling it for them, due to partial delivery.

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Very tricky one indeed. On the one hand, the “partial delivery” bit makes me think they very well know what they are doing there (a normal person IMO would offer partial payment instead of demanding cancellation for the work already done too, especially as its not a part as in part 1 of 3 needed parts but 1 of 3 different, separately ‘usable things’) and in that case, obviously support should know about this, so they don’t keep going around ordering 3 things, knowing the seller can’t provide 2 of them because they arranged it so and getting the 1 thing for free (CS could look into it to see if there’s a pattern),
but, from a purely technical POV, it is a partial delivery.

And here, the issue is not just the threat of a bad review but people got warned and even banned because of empty/partial deliveries and I think some as well in spite of buyers not responding before the time ran out (as far as I’m aware, we only ever hear the sellers’ side of the stories here as CS doesn’t comment, obvs).

The outcome may depend on who’d pick up your ticket, if someone who interprets the ‘law’ to the letter or to the intention.

Proceed with caution.


Like others said, it’s tough.

I think it will be hard to prove that those people really don’t have PPC campaigns. And in this case, the customer will win as it will be considered an incomplete delivery. I’d say to give up rather than risk a negative review, which will remain even if the clients cancel it later.

I am sorry to be nosy or something, but how on Earth can you investigate someone’s PPC campaign anyway? Just my webmaster curiosity.