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Hello guys…
What is your opinion on the order completion rate? I think most of our Fiverr sellers have some experience of reducing completion rate because of the buyers’ faults…


From a long time buyer on this site( I am now a VID), I would say I agree that there are a lot of buyer faults. Far to many sellers are happy when I message them first and work out the plan. I know a lot of people put please message me first but what I would like to see from Fivver is an option for sellers to require a contact first button then approval to buy. Some gigs dont require pre approval but from what I have seen most as in 90 % of sellers ask for a contact first.


My rate is almost always 100%. I vet my buyers, first we discuss the project, then I ensure I’m a good fit, and only then will I send a custom order. Of course there are ocasional problems, but cancelations are very rare.


Yeah it seems like vetting is the best way to go, as a buyer I appreciate it. I wish that was a concept more out there during fiverr initial years.


It didn’t make financial sense at a $5 price point. The services had to be easy and quick, commoditised. Vetting makes sense above a certain price point only, both for buyers and sellers.


Sometimes buyers are at fault, but as we repeatedly see in the forums, often sellers are at fault as well.

Some sellers offer unrealistic deadlines and then either deliver late or request a time extension (24 hours, no thank you). Others offer unlimited revisions (possibly the most stupid thing a seller can promise). Some say they are the best (when in fact they have little experience), etc. We also regularly see posts about sketchy graphic designers / logo artists who claim to create original designs but who actually use template software or non-original / copyright source images, etc.

My point is that often sellers themselves are to blame for seeing their completion rate fall off the edge of a cliff. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for nearly 8 years, I’ve had hundreds of orders and my completion rate is 99.5%. The few orders that were cancelled were in my early days on Fiverr as I was still learning.


Fiverr needs to acknowledge that many cancellations that occur are beyond the Sellers control. Many buyers cancel due to a mistake made or they order without giving enough info to the seller. The seller then has to seek assistance from the resolution center to get the buyer to cancel. With that said, cancellations should not be used as a criteria to grade one’s order completion rate. It should be based on whether the seller delivers on time, late or fails to deliver.

Fiverr isn’t going to change this. It’s better to focus on ways to mitigate this as the others have explained.

It’s futile to focus on things you can’t control and seeking our opinions on this isn’t going to change how this works.