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Your opinions about my profile

Hey, it’s me again :sweat_smile: here is the link to my profile drthanina | Animation for Kids, Translation | Fiverr give me your opinions please
I accept all opinions
Feel free to express yourself
Thank you


Well the first thing I notice are the images in your gig. These gig images have low resolution and text is barely visible, also images dont fit the frame (I would suggest using 1600x1076px). And on the SEO gig you have doctor on your gig cover, you shoud change it to something closely related to SEO…

Those are first things I notice, try to change it and you should get better results… :smiley:

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Thank you so much I’ll work on it, tell me what do you think if I replace the images with a video it would be more professional ?

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Also I named my profile dr because I offer medical articles and I’m med student I thought it would fit my work :rofl:

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Yeah I see but in the title of your Gig it doesn’t says that you are offering just for medical articles. So when clients see that it can be confusing. So I would suggest to either change your gig title so it fits the image or change the image to something related to SEO generally.

About using a video in your gig, yeah why not. But make sure that is high quality one and that it fits the frame of gig. :smiley: