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Your Order is compansated

I have completed an Order on 8 December 2019 and it was my 2nd project in the fiver journey first I try to dispute the project but then buyer decline it so make my mind to complete it after completion I got 5-star rating and buyer was really happy with me ( he send a very happy message about the project).
Later on today the order was automattically cancel dont know why and i got the message " Your were compensative for your cancel order. Why what i have done wrong i done my work and buyer have power to cancel it.
Any help it was big order i was scaring how i pay back
and i pay back i done the work.

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You didn’t do anything wrong. The buyer probably did a chargeback through paypal. Fiverr have an arrangement with paypal that these chargebacks - they’re fraud, really - are automatically refunded.

The refund to you was what they referred to as “compensation”


so sorry to here this.
yes there have a full the power of a buyer to cancel the order anytime, But you haven’t done any wrong & did the job very perfectly & buyer canceled the order, you will go to fiverr support center & tell them as details of your problem.
I hope the fiverr support community will help you.