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\"Your order was automatically marked as complete\" issues

I was wondering if other people have had this changed from the usual “name has marked your order as complete”.

The main problem I’m having is that you cannot click on the notification that says “Your order was automatically marked as complete” so I can’t find out who’s order it was to open it and make sure everything is in order.

Would be great to change this back or maybe change it to “name has automatically marked the order as complete” and then it opens the order when clicked!

It’s the fiverr system doing it automatically. The buyer hasn’t actually marked anything as complete, the system has because it’s been 3+ days. Sort of stupid how it can’t be clicked on though…

Yep, I’ve seen this and it’s annoying as you can’t click it via web. However, I’ve noticed it’s stayed the same on mobile (with username and link), so check it out there for now.