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Your order was cancelled by Fiverr's Customer Service team

2 days ago, someone ordered 8 gigs. I delivered them within 1 day and buyer marked the order as complete. Today I got an email that the "Your order was cancelled by Fiverr’s Customer Service team."

I searched for the username of that buyer and now fiverr shows “nothing found for that user”.

This is first time happening with me. Can anyone tell me why this happened?

Reply to @geekseo: It seems to be quite a common thing to happen, but that these buyers go missing means that they can’t continue to rip people off.

This is the message I get when I try opening profile page of buyers:

“The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

If Customer Service cancelled it the buyer was possibly caught using a stolen PayPal/Card and was banned. Unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t cover lost profits. You can always write to Customer Service to ask about it, but they’ll probably give you the same answer.


Means my efforts and money lost. Well I guess this is life and it happens from time to time.

Not necessarily lost/stolen card or account.

Some buyers purchase a ton of gigs, and then for whatever reason (either they were malicious from the get go, or were not happy with their delivered goods) issue a charge back via credit card or paypal. Fiverr instantly bans such buyers, as they should. Unfortunately that means all funds are returned to the buyer.

This is not Fiverr’s fault, the funds are automatically returned to the financial institutions in question, and Fiverr also loses its own commission from the process.

Operating on Fiverr is just like running your own business. You will sometimes have to take losses for any number of reasons.

Sorry this happened to you. I’ve been there as well. Luckily that buyer is banned, so hopefully will not attempt to pull such actions on others here.

I am sorry to hear your sad story. By the way, sellers should be extra careful with the buyers’ requests. Some look suspicious already by reading the request description.

Up to now, during more than one year, I have only had one buyer who found a tricky way to ‘steal’ my voice-over work. All my other buyers have been fine people to co-operate with.

So, just don’t let this ‘steal’ your energy and trust on Fiverr :slight_smile:

all the best!

I worked and delivered the book manuscript with pics to a client. They accepted and marked it as complete. Two weeks later they complained that the pics in the book were not good. I changed them though it was so late in the day. Today, a month later I got another note. The client says that they are not happy and want a refund. What do I do?

@geekseo and other sellers: When dealing with a new client, as much as you might really want to get a big stack of cash in one deal, this is one reason that when possible, you should try a small deal first. Have your buyer break the deal up into smaller portions or offer a $5-10 piece of work as a sample/start-up piece.

See if all goes well, the client is easy to get along with, gives you adequate information and seems to be legit. If so, then if you can, continue the work portion by portion and if that isn’t possible, at least you have one test before charging a lump sum for the remainder. You’ll still encounter losses from time to time, but they won’t be as much out of your pocket.

@sincere18 I mean it is late to ask for alterations because the client marked the order as complete a month ago already. The photos in the book are stock photos that complement the topics of the book.

Reply to @geekseo: yes, it does happen from time to time even to the best of people. If it happens every now and then, it’s no big deal you just move on. If it starts happening a lot then you need to start looking at your workflow process.

Reply to @cebiledube04: Waht kind of pics are in the book? Did you put proper resolution photos in the book. And what does it being late in the day have to do with anything?

Reply to @kjblynx: Oops :slight_smile: