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Your orders suddenly stopped? Maybe this is what happened

I have tried to be always online on Fiverr. That way, orders are always flowing. I know it because I’ve tried before: I have no orders when I am offline. But the orders stopped about a week ago anyway.

I’m already in ‘ONLINE STATUS’ and under curiosity, I switch to selling and tried to search my gig with a certain keyword. My gig appeared on the first row. Niceee…

Now the strange thing. I tried to activate ‘Online Sellers’ filter. Guess what? Yes you are right. My gig has disappeared. Maybe this has been the reason the orders stopped flowing.

However, I have seen there is a green dot on my profile. That means I’m online. And yes, I know I am online. But by the systems, it looks like Fiverr has noticed I’m not online.

So this is what I did to solve these ‘bugs’. I signed out of Fiverr on all devices. Android app and website. Then I signed in again. And do the search. Then, boom. My gig comes back either with or without a filter.

Now I just have to wait to see if the orders will flow again.

Maybe you have also experienced that your orders suddenly stop. You can try the way I have done. Then wait if the orders will flow again.

This may have something to do with cache…

Let us know if orders have started again for you. But i doubt. There is something else wrong.