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Your own first order

How long did you wait until your first order came?


After 1 month!
I got my first order!
I am a new seller too!


Well so what was the main source of that?
like, buyer requests?
stayed online?
or which one?

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Hello i got my first after one month but i never gave up. ! Greetings from Greece and all stay safe

Maria S.

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You need to revisit your gig.

I didn’t click your demo video, but at first glance your description is not well written.

It’s not helping you convert visitors to qualified leads, then to sales.

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We have changed the description wholly.
Would you mind giving it a visit again?

for me buyer request now days too kind of complicated!
staying online is the key brother!
and optimizing the gig is the most big thing I hope you understood!

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My self … 1.5 month

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About 4 days if I remember correctly.