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Your payment is waiting...!

Hi folks, Yesterday I withdrew my Fiverr payment through PayPal, but I got an email from PayPal says " Before we can deposit the funds into your account, we need a bit more information about your account or recent transactions. To provide that, just log in to your account, and go to your account overview. Select the More menu, then choose the link that takes you to our Resolution Centre."

Please provide the missing information by 7 November 2020, or the funds will be returned to the sender."

After i go to Resolution Centre, there is nothing showing. after contact the CS of PayPal they said " Upon checking your account we can see that since, you have not verified the account completely and you have verified the email address post payment notification.

So please check with you sender and ask them to re send the payment to your account."

Please Help me guys!!


Please help me guyss!!

Once this date comes, your funds should be back in your Fiverr account, and you should then be able to resend them to PayPal.

Thank you! I was so upset :weary:

In my also case this same thing is happening and my due date is till january 5.How was your withdrawal please reply

@lavioramedia Hey I am facing the same issue. How did you get yours resolved? Also how did you contact PayPal CS?