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Your preferred DAW?

I think any of us has at least one DAW to produce our ideas. I’ve got a powerful system made of 2 DSP hardware cards from Sonic Core (if you remember, it was Creamware, few years ago). It’s a very complex system but really very powerful. I’ve got also another DAW, (I’m a very happy Steinberg customer) and the two machines are positioned in a huge desk (in a “L” form). So I pass my day moving my armchair between the two positions :blush:


I am afraid I do not understand anything you said in your post. :thinking: Maybe a rant?


No, we are just talking about our DAWs… I was introducing the topic…

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“Your preferred DAW?”

Am old-school here, I miss Cool Edit Pro

Am waiting for someone even more old-school to say “I miss quarter inch reel to reel machines, a chinagraphic marker, and scalpel”.

Actually, I do miss chinagraphic markers…


Logic, easy. Just great interface.

Any of you use DSP cards to empower your system? or software only?

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I remember Creamware with the all the sharc chips. I was in lust. But no I didn’t ever go down that, or any similar path.

I ended up exclusively in Reason 12+ years ago after using just about every sequencer (as they were called at the time) as it is such a clean and open workflow for what I do and how I think.

I still lust after other things like Omnisphere or Falcon but it doesn’t take me long to work out how to do that thing - or my equivalent of it seeing I loathe being a cloner - in Reason, very often with just Thor, Europa or Subtractor. And some extra LFOs from somewhere like Pulsar or Kron.

When I do look at other DAWs I find that information is much harder to see in many ways than in Reason rack - esp seeing I now have three screens Seq/Mixer/Rack - so when doing mixes it is really easy for me to have the processors visible without being open and cluttering up my space (as VST still do in Reason). It is what you get used to but I really like how easily I can see what is going on without opening up lots of windows.


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nice! Reason is very powerful… synth design is one of my passion, my next buy will be Roland System 1. It’s a very basic synthesizer with two octaves (so a small keyboard but it’s enough for a synth) with 2 oscillators and 2 filters, but it was exactly how synths were in the 70s and the Plug Out feature (were you can upload a synth model from the history of Roland synths, and System 1 mimics the circuitery) is a fantastic thing… price is about 425 Euros.

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Cool Edit Pro… now that was great piece of software. Back in the very early 2000s (possibly very late 90s) I found release 1 was truly mind-blowing for all the features it offered. Release 2 was a very polished version and a joy to use. From memory it was created by Syntrillium and later bought out by Adobe who renamed it as Audition.

And yes, I miss quarter inch tape and chinagraph pencils! Ah, the memories…

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ahhhh memories… fantastic. 20 years ago. I remember one of my first soundtracks was a midi score using probably a 2MB wavetable :blush: for a Multi User Dungeon… they were the initial MMORPGs of the period. Text, few images and a very simple interface, but it was multiplayer so a real innovation for the period.

Hello musicians fellow.
I mainly use the DAW included in my hardware sampler Akai force, and for the final mix on computer Sony Vegas pro 14, wich permits to make the video at the same time.

Since I mostly only do VO, I usually stick to Pro Tools. When I’ve got to edit videos or larger projects I’ve found myself using Audition instead. I’m just extremely used to the Adobe suite and it fits the workflow better.

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For DAWs, I prefer Logic Pro X. It’s got a really good interface and also the instruments that come packaged with it sound really well done.

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FL, most user friendly.
Adobe Audition, most flexible.
It depends really, it’s more about what you do than how you do. The end justifies the means :man_shrugging:

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I’m used to using Audacity, so when I downloaded Reaper it felt like a struggle to adjust (but I heard RX Elements isn’t compatible with Audacity so yeah). Not really keen on paying for the Adobe Audition license and not really into pirating it as well.

I guess if I can’t adjust to Reaper I can always use RX Elements as a stand-alone…?


The concern with Audacity is that it is really not a DAW in the same sense as Reaper, Logic, Cubase, Reason etc. Audacity does what it does well enough but doesn’t do a lot of the things that Sequencer DAWs do.

Reaper is not really that easy to use at all. Not trying to start a war or diss anyone who likes Reaper at all but it is very unintuitive and complex in a techie Excel kinda way. If that is what bothers you then try Reason or Studio One as they are more elegant in workflow (even if that makes them seem less feature-rich on the surface). Bitwig is rather elegant too in its own way, esp for very electronic music.


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I’ll check them out one of these days. Thanks! :smiley:

Anyone using Universal Audio’s LUNA?

It’s not a DAW, it’s a “recording system”.

I have been using Studio one 2 for 5 years and am very pleased with it)))

Yes I use Audacity everyday for some destructive effects like normalize, or frequency shift, and I like the batch processing possibilities. :+1:

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