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Your preferred DAW?

I’m gonna get mad clowned for this…

I use FL Studio 20. I mean, you can’t blame me. It’s so aesthetically pleasing.


I use Reaper, and have been using it for about ten years. Some might say there’s a learning curve, but I think that’s true of any capable DAW these days. In my humble opinion, I think it’s value proposition is unmatched. $60 for a fully featured DAW that is lightweight and easy to use once you learn a few keyboard shortcuts. I’ll take that to the bank all day.


I’ve been using Cubase for about 10 years and it’s the DAW that I love the most. But unfortunately, the latest versions have a lot of bugs, crashes very often and that is just unacceptable for a professional working tool. I’m considering changing to Logic X or Studio One, haven’t decided yet. Looking forward to your inputs!

Reason almost never crashes (without being pushed by a poorly coded VST). But I assume you want the feature-fest that is Cubase etc.

No doubt they will fix the issue anyway. Steinberg haven’t been in business for this long by being silly so don’t make yourself have to learn a whole new workflow if that is the only reason.


I am a Steinberg customer since many years. I bought both Cubase and Wavelab. Never had a problem. I must say I’ve got 64GB of ram. I don’t know if this is the key factor to keep it stable. For sure 64GB of ram are important in any DAW, so I suggest it.

I use ableton for making music, arrangements and mixing. And final master i do on fl. Cause for mastesing i use Maximus the most

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For music and sound design as well as mixing: Logic Pro X.

For editing a large amount of dialog: Pro Tools.

Hello :blush: I use Adobe Audition for my DAW.

I’ve used almost every DAW, but as soon as I got to know Reason, I immediately fell in love with it.
A very creative DAW!

I’m another Logic user. Great value for money, if you own a Mac :slight_smile: I’ve been using it for years and am still learning new things about it.

I used a 4 track back in the 90s so I appreciate how lucky we are to have DAWs in our lives :slight_smile:

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Ditto on that (if you didn’t read that already)

FL Studio is by far the best for the annoying piano roll composer that I am (ok, I am not that incompetent but you get it). It is also the most immediate to use and complete out of the box. Ableton may be simpler and even faster but its abstract visual presentation makes up for a certain learning curve that I didn’t want to put up with. The workflow and docked pipeline isn’t exactly my type of stuff either.

Reason has a great rent-to-own model and is the biggest bang for the buck if you exclude FL. Unfortunately, its lack of third party support stopped me from ever considering it as I love plugins from Native Instruments.

Bottom line is if I was playing live, using real synths and doing a lot of plunderphonics – toying around with samples and all – I would’ve got Ableton in a heartbeat. I however know for a fact that I will be purchasing that and Max in the very far future!

@marcotoba late answer but did you go for Logic? Logic seems far better than Studio one IMHO and it has a lot of feedback to justify itself.

Reason has accepted VST plugins for years now :wink:


I’m sure, but NKS? That’s the point. No NKS to my knowledge and too many hoops to jump through for any feasible workaround. No way I’m buying NKS plugins and libraries and Native Instruments gear if I can’t get the Kontrol interface going! :man_shrugging:

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Seeing Reason developed a good control interface many years before NKS, it probably isn’t a thing they would bother to pick up as it always feels that when another Dev creates a competing control system (that they don’t always share) that they are corralling their customers more than improving things for anyone.

I have no idea about Reason and NKS but I think is it not a thing. NKS users would know so check in Forums (Reason Talk maybe you can stand the sniping in that place).


Wow tape, sounds like a lot of work. And what are chinagraph pencils?

I have experience of using Audacity. What I have experienced initially was that If you are looking for recording music/audtion or starting a podcast; It is cubersome to start with.

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Audacity is really not DAW in the same sense as Reason (my preference and what I edit podcasts in), Cubase, Logic, ProTools etc.

Audacity is for basic editing and no more. It does what it does fine but is inelegant in the extreme for serious work (it is free).

Move to a real DAW as soon as you can. Probably you will need to buy a Microphone* and that will require an Audio interface to plug into (for a pre-amp). Most of those come bundled with a lite version of DAW. That will get you there for recording and basic editng.

There are even some things out there that you can use anyway like Studio one Prime but most are either very limited in features to get you on their wagon or just as nasty to use as Audacity.


*USB Podcast mics are almost always a bad joke, esp seeing you can buy something like a Behringer XM8500 + Audient evo4 for less (and get Cubase lite). Invest in a good mic stand as positioning helps heaps.


I still think that the combination Cubase + Wavelab is one of the most powerful. Used together, the quality you can reach is State of the Art. Means the maximum quality available thanks to modern technology and professional skills. I could not work without them, so thank you Steinberg.

I am also a piano roll user and i must say, FL has the best piano roll. I used fl for 9 years and now i have shifted ti ableton. And here i can feel the pain of to having fl’s piano roll​:expressionless::expressionless: