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Your preferred DAW?

I used Cubase for a lot of time, but now I use Reaper and I really enjoy my new workflow!

Greetings and welcome to our family forum.

I’m a Reaper guy about 3 years in. I am teaching myself audition because that’s what most VO’s are using and even though I really like Reaper, I’m not married to it. Studio One looks nice, and of course there is Logic since I’m a Mac person as well. I just want the one that either already has, or can be made to have the most productive and streamlined workflow.

  • WaveLab Pro 10 for mastering; efficient, straightforward, render all formats.
  • Ableton and Max for producing; interactive, versatile, creative.

Welcome man! Love your guitar gig video

Welcome! I believe you’re our first WaveLab user. I could see why you use it for mastering

Thank you so much for the warming welcome!

Thank you for you kind words! Very happy to be here!

Oh really? Yes I use WaveLab for mastering, it just makes your life much easier when working on big projects, isn’t? :wink:

Well, maybe the second. I use Cubase + Wavelab since centuries :wink: :+1: