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Your previous order request is still being processed. You'll be able to order again in a minute

my previous order done successfully , and still i cant make ned order , when i m trying to place a new order always gives this warning " Your previous order request is still being processed. You’ll be able to order again in a minute. " can someone help ?

Same here. I ordered a gig over an hour ago and still can’t purchase a new one.

I’m having the same issue. Any word on what the problem is?

Have you been able to fix this problem? I also have this same problem.

My last order was yesterday. Today, I’m trying to place additional orders all day and getting this.

"Your previous order request is still being processed. You’ll be able to order again in a minute."

Fiverr has always been fairly buggy, so I’m kind of used to this, but nothing I’m trying from clearing out cache to trying to login with different computers/web browsers works.

Also having this same problem.

does anyone how long this will last…

I’m having the same issue, been way over a minute. Tried to empty cache, and a different browser.

same issued here - cannot buy any more gigs :(((

I’ve had several Buyers today tell me they bought my gigs, yet I cannot see them, nor have I received and email notices.

same issue

I had to create a new account. With that I solved the problem.

I too am seeing this message.

I’m not going to create a new account! Thats crazy. What happens to all my gigs, etc.

When will they fix this problem?


Same problem here. Any solution ?

Same issue here. I even created a new account and after one purchase, it happen again. Fiverr, what are you guys doing?!

yes same issue here…have tried to place an order numerous times…hope this is not coming off my account!! when will this be fixed!!!

also how does one contact fiver direct?? there is no contact no or email or chat line…hopeless!!

Clearly something is wrong and very frustrating. I finally got a payment thru and it stopped there. No way to get my info in the response section of the gig. It’s been hours.