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"Your previous order request is still being processed"


What the hell does it mean when this message pops up?

Your previous order request is still being processed. You’ll be able to order again in a minute.

And what can i do to prevent it so i can order stuff


same here, have to use another service now…


I am also stuck with this and cant make any more orders. Ive restarted and cleared history and chaches. What a shame fiverr cant sort this as it affects peoples orders and ordering If they dont shape up anther site will easily set up and win them over surely


It makes me wonder how many people are stuck with their orders. I’ve had clients tell me they got stuck in the order page before. Just contact customer service.


I just got stuck right here, and I have no idea how to go thought it. I waited for 2 hours, still not working. Why the Hell fiverr stuck their user account by all kind of reason. I hate it!!


Try clearing your cache and re-ordering. Double check your Shopping page to make sure that your orders have gone through and there’s nothing else needed on your end.


This is happening to me also. I have tried from 4 different PC’s (2 at work, 2 at home)


Same here. Has anyone found a way to overcome this issue?


same here… tried cleaning cache & cookies but still not working.


I’ve just read another post with the exact same issue. So I’m guessing it’s a problem on Fiverr? In which case let’s hope they will fix it soon. I would still contact Support so they can at least be aware that this is a problem that is spreading.

Best of luck!