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Your Profile image was removed since it might not be original

If i upload my fiverr Profile Picture The say (Your Profile image was removed since it might not be original) Could you please tell me how can i solve this problem?

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Is the image of you? Some sellers upload images of famous people as their profile image.

I also had a friend who was using one profile image and then she closed her account. When she chose to return to Fiverr she tried to upload the same image as she had before and sh got the “your profile image is not original” message.


May your image was not original or the image was with low resolution. Try to use real high resolution image

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This is exactly what happened to me, did your friend ever find a solution?

I also have this problem, were you able to fix it?

No, she used a different picture/logo.


Thanks, I had to take my picture again, still the same image but diferent the EXIF code is different. I think this is how they search for repeated images. Here is a cool video of how EXIF works :slight_smile: