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Your Profile Picture Has Been Removed Since It May Not Be Original

So i just started using Fiverr and i’ve encountered a problem saying:
‘Your Profile Picture Has Been Removed Since It May Not Be Original’
I even tried my real life picture. Nothing. I quickly changed the picture to the current one because of my privacy. I’ve tried 5 to 6 pictures and still. Nothing.

Where you have to post your real life picture for a gig. That’s kind of dumb.
Please do something about this or just remove that important step of you needing to change your profile picture into your real life picture to create a gig.


Hi,i think it’s takes near about 24 hours for the update.

Since there are many seller are using different images on their profile if we look on pakistani seller some of using picture of English man they should use own pic since they are Asian. fiverr should take action on this meter.

I usés m’y Own photo and thé same thing happened

lol what the hell haha

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I think you used editing on your picture… Keep in mind, Fiverr allowed only real picture. I was used my own after editing but the photo also removed.

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