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Your Request Was Declined/Review and modify it

hello dear i was post 3 request but after a minute show me this message
" Your Request Was Declined/Review and modify it " what is this so please help me and give me the solution to fix it.

can you write that request here?
i wanna check it what are you trying to posting? :slight_smile:
may be i will help you regarding this

thanks for reply.
my request
"do you have sketch or reference image to draw in autocad?" this request not post

this request can not be approved because you are asking about project/work

and please don’t do this fiverr can ban your account

in buyer reqeust section if you need some thing order and you can not find a good seller
then you can post regarding the project with details for sellers to bid on your projects

for posting buyer request section is for buyers
and for bidding it’s for sellers :wink:

Thanks dear for guide me.
so can you till me how to send request to buyer?

Yes sure Why not :slight_smile:

How to write buyer request!

First welcome your client with greetings Like ,Hello Hope you are doing good or doing well

2.Try to explain the things you will do for client according to his provided details in the request.

3.Add your portfolio

4.Mention the ( Files Format ) you will provide to the client in the delivery

5.Mention Delivery Time….

Thanks again so last question why don’t receive me buyer request related to my gig…?
Gig 1
Gig 2

these are my gigs and i am working on fiverr science 2 month but i was’t complete any order.
whats the reason behind?

you should need to create more gigs of more categories

i have only commands these two types of job.

Hello Dear
con you tell me how to change Response Time because my Response Time is 13hrs and i wanna change the time…so please help me.

It is automatically calculated. You can’t change it with a setting.

It will automatically go down if you keep replying your messages quickly.

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Thanks for replying shifan
i have very big problem i completed the first order and the person give me 4.5 rating so now my rating is 87% and we need 90% rating to make new offer so can you tell me how to increase the rating.?

How you got 1st client,can you please tell me. I also got notification of your request requires a modification. Please review it. How can I send my request??