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"Your response time isn't bad. Try responding a little faster"

Passive-aggressive Fiverr is my least favorite Fiverr.

I have lucid dreams about responding to 3 AM "hi"s with “WTF DO YOU WANT???”


I feel you… I have talked about in other threads how I once got 11 “hi” messages in a day. My average was 5 per day for about three weeks. I was ready to explode by the end of it, and it didn’t help that Fiverr incorrectly let some of the messages automatically marked as spam affect my Response Rate. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also hate straight up aggressive Fiverr. “You have 12 hours left to deliver your order. DELIVER NOW!!!” That is what it sounds like to me anyway.


My personal least favourite is…
Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 09.17.53


The other day, we got a tonne of messages from the same buyer, who had her device set so that ‘Enter’ on the keyboard sent each message. Keep in mind, each of these triggered a separate notification on my phone…


“Oh, wait, what?”

“Oh, Enter equals send…”



“Wow, really need to think about how to phrase this now.”


This continued for about 10 minutes before they decided to go and write their message out in Notes.


Is that an automated message on the dashboard? I’ve not seen that even though my response time is worse currently (due to only getting new messages from people in different time zones).

I think Fiverr should allow us to send automated messages when out of office hours and have an option to set them up based on the contents of the message received.


Seriously. I hate these notifications.

Oh my god. Listen, I like a bit of banter with my friendlier clients, but there is a certain level of un-professionalism that is a red flag to me :frowning:

On the app:

Also, “start working!” Oh, should I really?


Those are everyone’s favourites probably, the “hi” message I got last night wasn’t an actual “hi” message though, only it was, albeit slightly more funny than the normal "hi"s …

(references one of my gigs, which, I need to add, doesn’t have anything to do with surveys, easy or complex)
Jul 23, 11:04 PM

Jul 23, 11:05 PM

Jul 23, 11:05 PM

Jul 23, 11:06 PM
“Sorry?” in this context means "I don’t get what you’re trying to say with “HEY GIVE A EASY SURVEY”.

Jul 23, 11:06 PM

Being shouted at by a spammer in my inbox at that time of day, I was honestly in the mood to troll this person a bit about their caps lock key or something but, yeah, provably spam by then, so hit the spam button to be done. But what the actual hell.

My least favourite is also the “Don’t waste your time reading this message …” … I shouldn’t read messages you write, how about not writing it then? Or the order requirements the customer perhaps left, or what?


I’ve decided to find it amusing, though, that probably adds a few minutes or years to my lifespan.


It’s just like this weird line that Fiverr toes, like a cross between “always keep it professional” and tongue-in-cheek? Their tone is all over the place. I wonder if it’s because the people that wrote up the prompts speak English as a second language? Maybe it’s not supposed to come across as passive-aggressive or cheeky? IDK.

But yeah, you’re right. Better to have a laugh about it really! :slight_smile:


On second thought … maybe it was someone who was writing those prompts for the kind of people who ask to be spoonfed on the forum because they think they’d just waste their time and never get to work and forget all deadlines and so on else? :wink:


touche :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you may be on to something there


This, 100%…

I think a great piece of work Fiverr could carry out would be to look at the tone of voice across their entire platform, from both the buyer and the seller’s perspective. I don’t mind it being a bit more ‘spoon-feed’ style where necessary - it can even help new sellers/buyers. But surely once a seller gets to say, Level 2, they’ve shown they’re capable of managing their own time. The platform could easily change the tone of voice based on your seller level.


Glad I’m not the only one who reads it like! My first order had me freaking out when I received that notification.

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The “hello” message or “Dear Sir” which I am clearly a Ms. are those I give one response to: “Do you need help with a project?” Then I wait for it…yes that’s it… no reply… BANG! BLOCK-a-MUNDO THEY GO!

There is something so satisfying about claiming victory over a spammer!