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Your Review can make or Break someone's life

Always rememberer you 2 minute on review can make a difference on some ones life , if you are happy with the product / services / result, if you spend 2 minute and provide an small review this is will help seller to get more clients and if you are unhappy with it talk with him for the solution, at the end of the day remember we all are human . no one like to provide bad service to any one.

I totally agree. But it’s using the same logic that I always say to make sure you do a damn good job and don’t try to scam, delay or otherwise cut corners. Do what you say and say what you’ll do.

The whole “I’m from a poor Country and this feeds my family” attitude is never an excuse, but is often used as one. IF you want good reviews then do a good job. It’s really that simple. 99% of buyers don’t care about your personal situation. All they care about is getting what they paid for. They don’t care about your family, they care about the service or product they purchased. It sounds harsh and bad but it’s the truth.

An excuse is ALWAYS seen as an excuse. Just like good work is always seen as good work. (99% of the time) LOL

its not about attitude , or its not about Family and etc, i don’t think any one like to provide bad service, you are right its all about good service , and if you are not getting what you saw on gig then talk with the sealer once … you must talk with the gig provider once before giving Bad review .

have a look to this

Do you think its good ?

Common Why people forget we all are Human .?

yes thats absolutely right… I totally agree!