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Your reviews and seller level matters alot!

I made a comment here weeks ago saying your seller level isn’t that important but I was wrong your seller level and your reviews are key!

I have only two reviews im only a month in on the platform im not rushing the process and neither should you.

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I have 5* reviews for my work (here and on other platforms) but it hasn’t brought me a single extra customer - as people suggest it should.

So, why do you reverse your opinion?



How can you be so sure about that it didn’t brought you any customers? If I was a customer, I’d also look for gigs with reviews. Reviews and seller levels shows that seller is experienced and trustworthy in my opinion

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Even if the person who didn’t have a level was clearly more competent, provided a better return on investment and was a better fit for your specific project and also was the only one who communicated properly?

A Level doesn’t mean someone’s competent or a good fit. All it means is that someone gets a lot of sales. And you can achieve that plus loads of five-star reviews by over delivering and being a slave. But what is the point of doing that?

Sellers need to stop fixating on Levels and start focusing on what buyers are looking for.

Proof of sales only helps you if people want what you sell.

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Customers can’t know about sellers passion and hard work on the first impression, I personally don’t think that people think that deep before ordering. They would look for good reviews and levels. Levels mean something, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.

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As I said, they only mean something if everything else I mentioned is in place.

You don’t buy something only because it has a lot of sales and reviews. If you already really want it and you’re on the fence, then yes maybe social proof is a factor, but no one buys something that isn’t a good fit for them just because the seller has a Level.

Also, plenty of Level 2 sellers are incompetent, unethical and can barely communicate in English. They sell to cheap people because they charge less than peanuts. Doesn’t mean they’re competent or suitable.

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You went way off the subject and point of this post.

If you have alot of great organic reviews that means your producing great business services to the public it means you have skills when ppl see this they buy your gig fast!