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Your Reviews on this Profile


I want Fiverr experts here to rate this profile and tell if there are any flaws in the profile and gigs.

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Anybody? Isnt there any fiverr expert?

Take unlimited revisions off all of your gigs - that attracts the wrong kind of buyer. Also remove 100% satisfaction guaranteed for the same reason.

Make sure you have at least one instance of each of your tags in your description (you can have up to three), keyword in title … and I’d be thinking about putting the problem you solve front and centre - for example: “stressed out with a mountain of small tasks?” - that kind of thing. You could use your description a whole lot more

But you’re doing well - 7 reviews already.

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Ok thanks, I already have given unlimited revisions.
P.s Can you tell me the reason of removing 100% satisfaction badge? I believe it attracts buyers but I could be wrong

Because the completion of your order isn’t conditional upon satisfaction and you can’t guarantee satisfaction. If you deliver something on Fiverr and it meets the requirements of the order, you get the order completed. That’s how Fiverr works.


Of course it attracts people. And scammers. Basically if person will go to fiverr CS and say that they are only 80% satisfied with your work but not 100% fiverr can easily cancel their order because you didn’t deliver what you promised.