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Your seller declined the request to mutually cancel this order HELP

I am a seller and buyer so I know both sides. Now I met a seller who delivered purple instead of the ordered blue. We discussed it and she assured me she will fix it. Next delivery was even worse. I asked to mutually cancel -she declined. We did go back and forth cancel/decline for several times. Now we are in a loop. I contacted Fiverr customer service and this is their response:
“Kevin Tuesday at 12:09
Hi there,

Unfortunately we cannot step in and cancel this order. It seems your seller has delivered according to his/her Gig title/description. Please keep in mind that as stated in our Terms of Service that orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was
rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.
We ask that you please communicate with your seller in the hopes of reaching a mutual agreement.”

I have a hard time believing this. Is this so Fiverr can keep the money in escrow as long as possible?
This will be infinite loop because I am not willing to pay $40 for poor work. I rather keep on canceling and leave the money in escrow for Fiverr then releasing it to this seller who did not earned it.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Believe it. Customer Service is correct:

"Please keep in mind that as stated in our Terms of Service that orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.

You will have to work this out with your seller. If the work was delivered according to the terms described in the seller’s gig, then you are not entitled to a refund if the seller chooses not to grant you one.

Holding their payment hostage because you don’t like what was delivered strikes me as extraordinarily petty. Rather than fighting over $40, leave an appropriate review, and move on.


The funds aren’t likely to end up in an infinite loop in addition to what @jonbaas says. The auto-cancel waiting period begins to shorten and fluctuate the more times cancel is pressed. It can end up coming down to who just happens to miss the chance to decline in time, and both people have to sleep sometime.

Since cancellation based on personal taste is technically not allowed (though it happens) staff is sticking with the seller in this case. You can still play tag as long as you can manage it, but sooner or later someone is going to miss the button. The seller is playing a risky game too if they don’t have enough reviews to bury a bad one.

@jonbaas thank you for your advice. But not everyone has $40 laying around to give away and move on.
@fonthaunt great to know -thanks!

I’m just saying, sometimes you need to pick your battles. You paid $40, and you received the service you purchased. If you didn’t like the service, leave an appropriate review. The seller is not required to offer a refund.

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Hi, I agree that’s a lot of money to lose on something you don’t like but fiverr has it’s terms of service. I buy things too and take a risk each time that I won’t get what I hoped for, so it’s gambling on the unknown. You can lesson the risk by being extremely careful about who you hire. But sellers need to be paid for their work. I am sorry to tell you that it’s time to move on and rather than an “endless loop” where you never get your refund, put it behind you for your own sake. You are spending precious time being needlessly vengeful when you could move on and forget it quickly and turn your thoughts to more pleasant things. Life is much too short to play these types of sad games.

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I received A service but not THE SERVICE I requested and that is the reason why I want to cancel. Should I pay $40 for something I can not make use of? I maintain as a seller 100% satisfaction guarantee. If I do not deliver what the buyer requested what’s the point? I expect to receive what I requested and I think that is the point of a marketplace such as Fiverr.


@misscrystal thank you for your comment and advice. It’s not simple that I do not like it. It was not what was discussed. The seller did not understand the project and delivered something different from what was requested. Liking is a matter of taste and I do understand that there can be arguments about it. But if I ask for an Espresso and get Milk should I not be entitled to cancel and get my money back?!

I understand what you all mean with leave it behind and move on. But I feel like that is the easy way out. If everyone does that then that it’s like turning a blind eye to wrongdoing. That means it will happen again and again which should not be.


The thing is, none of us know what the actual project was. We don’t know what you ordered and what you got, only something about purples and blues. Maybe that’s some idiomatic term that doesn’t travel well, I dunno. Fiverr Customer Support CAN see everything, and in my experience, they tend to be fair.

As the annoying song goes #let it go#. Or post the actual conversation and results so we can actually judge your case rather than color and coffee metaphors. I’ve done it on a couple of occasions. If anyone asked me, I’d produce the evidence in future.

But you know, it still won’t change the fact that you’re not getting your money back, so follow the advice. It sucks, I know. If you REALLY want that money back to make a stand you could initiate a dispute via PP, but you would then wave bye to your own account. So… there’s not much to hurt except yourself by crusading against the injustice. Let it fester a bit then kick it out like the unwanted guest it is.

Even if you got deliberately ripped off there isn’t anything you can do about it unless what you got was not what the gig description said you would get. When there is nothing you can do about a bad situation the best thing to do is move on. If there IS something you can do, such as alerting customer service that what you got was not what was offered in the gig description then that’s different.

Otherwise the faster you can put the mess behind you the better off you will be.
“Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em” means know when you can’t win and let go.

I’m sorry to weigh in on the opposite side of this but as a seller, I have a nightmare customer and I am so relieved to see this thread. I completed the work for my client…went above and beyond actually, he was thrilled but the relationship was contentious as he loved to argue, change scope and belittle in his messaging…a day or two before the end of the contract, he asked me several times to continue for another month. When I declined, he started acting outrageously…putting the gig in revision when there was no work left to do, making up “expectations” that were never discussed in the gig or our comments, truly mean and petty, and today, he put in to cancel the order which I declined. I haven’t received the decision from FIVERR yet but this thread gave me hope because I had no idea how to get support…I can’t wait to block him as soon as this is resolved one way or the other. It’s $850 (before fiverr’s cut) and I earned every penny of it.


It sounds like you got someone who wanted free work.

Keep declining no matter what or how many times he uses the cancel button.

I spent every day for a month one time continually refusing to accept a cancellation until the buyer gave up. Don’t accept it. Fight as long as it takes. Sorry you are going through this! Customer support was on my side throughout it.


thanks so much! I was so aggravated and discouraged!

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It’s definitely a huge pain but stick it out and keep hitting that decline button. And keep customer support informed by adding notes to your ticket.

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The CS is right in this case. You have to work it out with the seller…
Here’s a tip for next orders
Try to specify everything in the requirements or in inbox before placing the order. Make sure, the offer description states your requirements in case the seller is sending you a custom offer.

Thank you, I definitely will. On a lighter note, I just completed a gig and got 5 stars and a tip…trying to stay positive and focused on moving forward…(and checking to make sure he didn’t hit cancel again!)

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Well I’m in the exact situation as a buyer right now. I had concerns about the seller from the beginning and asked him if he understood the gig, he assured me he understood everything, then he came up with something completely off. I told him there was no point continuing as he just confirmed my fear that he didn’t understand the gig. Then he said I should let him try again. I gave him pointers and tips and told him if he came up with another irrelevant result I would be forced to cancel. He did exactly that: just downloaded a template and sent it to me, like I should fill it in myself or what? I just requested a cancelation. Now he’s declined it and the back and forth had just begun!

This topic is 5 years old!

Still relevant, I guess.

Update, by the way: the seller just canceled.