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Your should not come to fiverr with previous experience


If you have previous experience in work what you do and used to maintain the quality of your work, then fiverr is not for you. But why??? want some answers.


What do you mean? I’m not sure I understand the question


It’s best to have experience doing what you do in your gig so that you can deliver quality work, in the right amount of time (even though each gig delivered may be slightly different and incorporate some new things).

Why Fiverr might not be right/best? Different sites may be better/more profitable for different sellers. Though it’s best to have at least some experience doing what you do in your gig whatever platform(s) you are on, so you can deliver what the client wants.


The seller I have used and been happy with for photoshop work has his degree in design, and has experience working for advertising companies.

It’s best if you already know how to do what you are doing on fiverr.


That’s not true. Of course there are a lot of people coming here with zero experience and in a big hope to earn loads of money. Hence that’s why a lot of buyers sooo upset with quality of fiverr sellers.
So it does take time for them to discover good professional gigs (most professionals already made it to level 2 seller or top rated seller) and now fiverr added fiverr pro which is promoting only people with extensive experience.

I believe if you provide great service and quality of your gig is high people will notice it doesn’t matter what. (Right now it’s a lot of low quality gigs here and people with experience always stand out)