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Hope everyone doing well…

My name is Mahesha. I joined 02 years back. Level 02 seller with over 2000 positive customer reviews. I was doing pretty good till mid of April month this year. I was in the first page of the search result. But after implementation of the new search algorithm I was pushed back 5-6 pages in the search result. Now I receive orders only from repeat buyers. No messages, no orders from new buyers.

Below is my main gig.

After this happened, I try changing title, tags, description, price increase, gig image change and also I advertised in Facebook. No matter how hard I tried, still no success.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated to improve my gig.

Thank you.



What about trying to advertise OUTSIDE of Fiverr. :wink:


Just Wait and watch… Somehow same how story…


I tried on Facebook. If you can let me know any other good source that will be a big help.

Thank you.


It’s almost 02 months now. I’m full time working in Fiverr. Doing everything from this income.


Well, where are your target customers located? Perhaps you can promote your gigs there. :wink:


I advertised through FB in US, UK, Canada, Australia. But no result. I started a new gig. That also not in the search result. That gig’s average selling price is more than $10.00


you can promote your gigs there


Are your target customers connected to you on Facebook? If not, then that’s probably not the right place to promote your gig. Promote your gig where your target customers are located. Any promotional efforts that are not targeted toward your customers aren’t likely to produce any positive results.

Your target customers are the only people who will make your gig successful.


That may be the reason. I did a paid advertisement selecting those countries.


So you are saying that we need to advertise our GIG in open market to get the Jobs ? but in my understand we should get the more buyer on fiverr . So that everyone will get some jobs …


Do you visit “Buyer Request” page???


Try to change the gig thumbnail or maybe get a video describing your service :slight_smile:


Yes. If you want more customers, you are going to have to advertise and promote your services, just like any business has to do. Your gigs here on Fiverr are a business. If you’re not going to treat them like a business, then you’re not going to make any profit.