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Your suggestions needed?

its been year i am working on fiverr and i think the minimum ''response rate,Delivered on time rate and order completion rate" should be 80 rather than 90%.
i think it will be helpfull for All level of sellers?
what you think?

This has been discussed often in the past.

I think :thinking: there was even a poll about it. If I remember correctly the consensus was that 90% is best. it helps to keep the most qualified sellers at the level 2 and TRS badge level.

I understand how hard it is to attain level two and TRS and maintain it, however if the qualifications to do so were less stringent, there would be even more people with level two and TRS, which would devalue those badges. :wink:


@garaphicx98 I disagree. However the cancellation rate does need some type of modification since in my case at least all the cancellations I have are unavoidable.

I would never cancel an order as long as there was any way to do the job. I’m sure others feel the same.


you’re right.
it means 90 is best

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