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Your take on these kind of gigs?

I see a lot of gigs like, I will pray for you or I will xyz ritual for you or I will do xyz spell for you (you get the point)

What’s your take on these sort of gigs on Fiverr? Have you ever purchased them? (will you?)

Just looking for a discussion :slight_smile: I’ve always been very curious with these sort of gigs.

Lots of people buy them and leave positive reviews.
Some are probably scams like every other niche out there, some are good at what they do (whatever that is), some just make people feel better or whatever.
If those buying them are happy with the outcome, does it really matter what the rest of us think?


Yeah, like, I think they have a placebo effect on people and if that makes them feel better then that’s great.

Is being happy with the outcome good enough if any of the sellers mislead the buyer?

If someone called someone and said they’ll fix x for $100 but there was nothing wrong with x in the first place, but the buyer pays the $100 and the “seller” says they’ve fixed it (but they haven’t as there was nothing wrong) and the buyer is then happy because they’ve been told whatever was wrong is now fixed, is that okay what the “seller” did? What if it was $1000 or more that that was paid? What if the same thing happens again to the same person and they are told they need to pay again?

As I say, some are likely scams like the example you gave.
However, in general I don’t think they are comparable to that example. If the seller doesn’t believe in what they are doing then it’s a scam, right?
If the seller does believe it then it isn’t a scam? Debatable but I would say it isn’t.
The example you gave actually sounds a lot more like some of the situations SEO clients of mine have told me they have dealt with than anything I have heard of regarding the type of woo-woo gigs (to quote jamesbulls) we are talking about. In those cases I have definitely seen it to be a bad thing.

I am also a big believer in let the buyer beware and that people should inform themselves about what they are buying or where they are looking for solutions (in SEO, woo-woo and anywhere else)

How do we know when a seller really does believe in it? And shouldn’t it matter if what is paid for works (does what it is claimed to do)?

eg. there was someone selling a device to people and charged a lot for it and he said it would detect bombs. Lots of people bought it. Who knows whether the seller actually believed it but the buyers believed it worked. It didn’t work and the seller got jailed. He put people’s lives at risk but surely defrauding people out of money (for making claims about a product they know doesn’t do what they say, and making people believe them so that they’ll buy it even though it doesn’t work) is also a bad thing and often illegal.

He was a Brit, sold that devices to Middle eastern countries. Sold a ton of them. What a racket that was!

Who’s gonna judge all that? In terms of Fiverr sellers that means Fiverr would need staff to do so.
I don’t want my Fiverr fees going up to cover all the checking of everything that needs to be checked. This is where let the buyer beware comes in.

If we base everything on things like bomb detectors then of course the law should be involved in dealing with fakes and that’s where our taxes come in.
Whether someone gets the lotto numbers correct because someone on the internet said they would is not something I’m prepared to pay for through the increased fees necessary to check every delivery.

When I check supposed SEO work that a client has had done in the past I get paid for that and sometimes find that it wasn’t done or wasn’t effective. I tell the client to go to Fiverr support if it wasn’t what was promised. If it wasn’t effective but was what was promised I explain why to the client. All of my time is paid for though. This client will now beware of similar things in the future.

I think they are great if you like them.

I’m shocked you are a fan!


But what about those sellers who mislead buyers?

What about any sellers who do that in any category? Have you considered that it happens in any category? Yours too?

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What do you think about sellers in any category who might take buyers money (maybe a lot) but the buyer is mislead by the seller and what they pay for isn’t what they get, especially if they’ve paid a lot for the service?

edit: Also in other categories the buyer can see what they paid for (results) as soon as the delivery is made, which often isn’t the case with some of the gig types mentioned by the OP.

TOS covers that though?

But like maybe you suggested, Fiverr doesn’t check properly the work given in every category, or that the sellers have the right skills.

Let the buyer beware

I know I go on about that but if buyers of things like SEO did even a little research they would know enough not to buy the types of gigs that give Fiverr SEO a bad name.
It’s shocking how few actually do.

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Why limit the question of fraud to just one category as if that’s the only one where it happens? We all have to follow the same rules and regulations. If someone is consistently underperforming they get demoted or banned at some point.
I realize people don’t all believe in the things offered in the woo woo section but there are a lot of very happy satisfied buyers in that section. How you rationalize that is up to you.

Sellers in our section probably have much fewer complaints than some other sections.

If a logo designer did a bad job, and delivered it, they’d see that right away though and could rate it.
With some of the sellers in the categories mentioned by the OP, they are told they get the results in months or maybe more (not within 10 days that the review system allows). So they are happy (maybe told to be positive) but maybe mostly haven’t had the results they paid for and the review system doesn’t let them come back after a year to review the results.

You said something like this in a similar debate a good while ago and I did a bit of looking, and you are right. There are relatively few negative reviews in your sector. Of course we can all speculate why that would be but all we can actually legitimately go on with any category is the reviews and the category does stand up compared to others.

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Maybe most of the reviews are something like “Waiting to see the results” (the results that they paid for). You don’t usually see that on logo designer’s reviews as on those they are rating the quality of the actual results they’ve seen.

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