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Your thoughts on selling SaaS (Software as a service) type Gigs

Is this type of Gig frowned upon by fiverr?

This is how it works: A one time fee ($5) is charged to access an online software that does something like build a webpage, create a website popup or create an autoresponder. That type of thing.

It’s not exactly something that a seller has to do, (as in actual work) it’s more like a seller has done the work upfront… Built a platform that people can use to do their own specific tasks.

Seeing that this is not a “service” per say, do you think it would be frowned upon?

Don’t think anyone would frown upon the idea. In fact if you come up with the right piece of software i think you could be really successful.
The only downside i can see is that there is always a chance the gig wont sell despite all the market research and development time you put in to it.

The only thing to watch out for is timing. You can do it (I think) and guarantee them access to the software for 30 days. You can say it might be longer (a Quarter. Year. Lifetime) but you can’t promise. On Fiverr it’s 30 days. Ask CS to be sure.

Just make sure that you have all the necessary rights to give people access to the software you will be granting access to. Commercialization for instance, is not the same as monetization. (i.e a lot of software might come with commercial rights but these will not cover you profiting from selling access to such suites). - In short, be careful but otherwise this is a great idea.