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Your thoughts on title length

When creating a gig, fiverr is recommending to use a short title, as it will be clicked more.
Do you think this is true?

My guess: Longer titles tend to be unclear in general about what the service will be, hence there is a correlation between longer title and fewer clicks.

My thesis is: Long title is fine, as long you have the essential gig info in the first few words. People tend to scan text anyway. The advantage of this is: more keywords in the title, thus a better ranking.
I am testing it right now with two similar gigs, but im curious what other people think about it.


In general shorter titles are better I think. Though it’s probably more complex. It might depend on the service/category/subcategory. If you’re doing a service where the common name for it is long then the title might be longer than average. So I don’t think there’s one ideal title length or that shorter titles are always better (but maybe around 25 to 30 chars without “I will” might be better).


I think one big question to answer would be: How much does the title influence a visitors decision to click a certain gig?
From my experience as a buy, i mainly look at the gig photo, then price and review. Title does not matter me that much but it could be different for most of the people.


I run away from gig titles that overpromise. “I will do the best, most awesome X in 12 hours.”

The gig title should communicate essential information, nothing more. Some mention time “I will do X in 5 days.” Others don’t.


I agree with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

only I’d reduce that to “Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away.” :wink:

Everything that should be in, but nothing superfluous. Like fastcopywriter, I don’t care for “I will do the best, most awesome …” either; if a title is long but only contains actual information, fine; if it’s informative enough but short, even better. Short+relevant tends to catch the eye, I think that’s what Fiverr is getting at with their recommended title length. If you need too many keywords, maybe the gig should be two separate gigs.


Some of the gigs that say “awesome” in the title do seem to do quite well. It may help sometimes I think. Though it’s an opinion and the gig would have to be good enough. It might also set expectations too high and might affect reviews.

I think saying “the best” in the title would be worse, and set expectations much too high and maybe lead to lower ratings if the buyer thought it wasn’t actually the best.

They might do well because of the “best, most awesome”, or they might do well despite, depending on the buyer, their need of a gig like that, the competition, and the “rest of the presentation”.

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