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"Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it."


My profile couldn’t be any more complete yet I continue to see this message in my To Do box all the time. What does one need to do to remove this message permanently?



Click on the notification and see what it says???


It just takes me to my settings. Every field is completed, my Google and Facebook accounts have been linked, my security question has been set up. There’s nothing left to fill out aside from my VAT number, which isn’t applicable in the US.


Try uploading your profile picture again. That worked for me. [=


OK, thanks. I’ll give that one a shot…


That did it! Thank you!


Not a problem! Glad it worked. [=


change your Profile Picture . I’ve Solved by changing my Profile Picture


hello, i have tried it, but its not working for me. what should i do now?


Hey frnds, I am still facing the same problem. pls help guys


Create a new topic this one is from :two::zero::one::five: :astonished: