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Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it

We dont know how to fix it but we have tried all the things, uploaded a picture, added unique description etc. Our profile is complete not a single thing is missing but whenever we open the dashboard, there is always one thing to do which is to complete the profile.

Please help us, we really need to get rid of this bug.

Best Regards,

Team Geeks

I just checked your profile and I don’t think that you are missing on anything. In fact, your profile looks like an ideal profile for Fiverr.

You shouldn’t feel so bothered about that message so much. I believe that it will disappear after a few weeks.

Seems to me your profile is already complete. It’s really just a bug I guess… Bring it up to Customer Support if you’re really bothered. They’ll fix it!

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! I just signed up & I was trying to figure out what the heck I missed! Now, I know it’s just a bug & I won’t be so worried that I’ve overlooked something! Thanks!

Reply to @sameerthewriter: and now I have completed more than 50 order’s within 2 months and I am still at level 1, what should I do now!!

Reply to @theratypist: thanks for the help. I am now facing a different kind of problem, I have completed more than 50 orders within 60 days but I am still at level 1, don’t know how to get rid of level 1 and get the level 2. Kindly help me, I know level 2 sellers get premium customer support.
Any help would be greatly Appreciated.

Team Geeks

Reply to @cherrygarcia726: Thank GOD I am not the only one facing the same problem. Hope to get it fixed soon but its still there…lol

Reply to @weare5geeks @cherrygarcia726: :

Had the same problem. After a few days i uploaded a new image and all worked fine…
I think is something related to the profile image. Try upload a different one

Reply to @weare5geeks: Notice you started august 2015. Did you start exactly 2 months from today? Example you started on August 1,2015. You may be eligible for your level 2 badge (knowing you have completed 50 orders) at around October 2 or 3, 2015. You have to be active for 2 FULL consecutive months. If this is right and your level 2 badge has not yet appeared, it may take sometime for it to actually appear, maybe a week from the supposed date. If you’re still confused, you can send a ticket to Customer Support so they can check on your status with the system. :slight_smile: