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Your vote is very valuable

I am working on fiver since 2018 so after a lot of experience, there is 90% of seller face the same issue.

There is a lot of new buyer come on Fiverr marketplace and they have very less knowledge about Fiverr and there are few old buyers whose do same mistake they place the order directly even seller mentioned clearly that which services he/she provides after placing order buyer want to cancel the order so as a result buyer lose nothing but seller lose a lot!

So my suggestion is:
Fiver needs to remove the option to place the order directly every buyer’s first inbox to the buyer and discuss the project then place the order directly. I think you also agree with my point

Vote please

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I am not an expert, but there is a way to prevent placing order for new buyers. You can set Requirements in your Gig. If you set required documents (like Excel, Pdf, Jpg, etc) regarding to your Gig, then buyers can not confirm order until they upload documents. Thank You.

How does that prevents placing order?

Until they include your required documents, they can’t place order maybe. I am not very sure.

The only way to prevent someone from placing an order is to have no active gigs. Fiverr is specifically set up as a retail services marketplace. You are supposed to have everything available on your gig, and in your packages, to allow instant ordering. Buyers are supposed to be able to click the green buyer button any time they want to work with you. They should not need to contact you for permission.


if buyer put a blank pdf they place order man.



Yes, you right trust me there is a lot of buyers they place the order just reading the title of gig not read the description of gig :frowning:

:slight_smile: Because fiver is our permanent way of earning so we want it no 1 marketplace all over the world.

What’s wrong ya people? Haven’t you experienced someone buying your gig for something you can’t do? And then you have to cancel? I’m surprised by the poll results.

Oh really you surprised? Like I am designer not a content creator. So i clearly mentioned in my gig that i am not content creator but people place the order and just send me single link and ask me create a content and also design it? Do you think is that issue with my knowledge

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The problem is they buy your gigs without asking. Then you have to cancel. I guess content creators don’t have these problems.

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Now I get why people vote like that in the poll.

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Yes! Trust me In top of my gig with bold and colorful font i write if you do not have content please do not place order :frowning: gig description first line really very disappointment with poll result. Every one think about his business not for other.

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SAME, This is really important to me. Come on Fiverr.


Fiverr is never going to do that, because that would greatly reduce sales.

For many services, discussing the project in advance isn’t necessary, and buyers who’d be forced to message the sellers first could be easily put off by it and choose another platform.

Fiverr isn’t going to lose a huge amount of money just because the current system inconveniences some sellers.


Yes brother you are right but i think there is 80% platform does not allowed the buyer place order directly. And i think before ordering save both time buyer as well as seller.

They could just have it set up so the seller can choose for each gig whether it requires contact before ordering. Then buyers wouldn’t be forced to message on gigs where it isn’t necessary.


Because they’re bidding platforms. Fiverr brought something new, the ability to browse through gigs and place the orders directly, and that’s why it’s so popular.

In many cases, it would do the direct opposite of saving time.

It might help with your services, but with many others, it wouldn’t.

Making it optional could be the good way to do it, yes. However, the OP insists that the entire site has to adjust to their needs, and that what he needs is what everyone else needs.


Don’t assume that this is an issue every seller experiences. I have created, defined, and established my gigs in such a way that I rarely ever have anyone place an order for services I don’t provide. My gig is set up in such a way that everything my potential buyers need is clearly established in my gig. No confusion… and few to no “didn’t read the instructions” issues. I also have higher prices, so people are a lot more cautious when ordering.

I’ll be honest, almost all of the sellers I see complaining about buyers placing orders without contacting them first, or allegedly not “reading the gig instructions”, have gigs at incredibly low prices. When all of your services are cheaply priced, people are more inclined to rush through because of the excitement of having found a deal, or not really caring as much because $5 of $10 isn’t a lot of money.

If you have a well-crafted gig, and you are appealing to a market that is forced to view their purchase as a valuable investment, you’re not going to get many people rushing through things, or slapping down a quick order without reading instructions.

Ya gotta understand your market, funnel the buyers through your gig in an informative way, and subtly direct their attention where you want them to place that attention. Far too many sellers – new and low-priced – don’t think of their gigs in this way. They don’t build a business gig designed to bring in revenue… they just put up a cheap gig and expect sales.

A good seller is never expecting sales from anyone who will buy from them, instead, they are encouraging customers who NEED the offered services. There’s a HUGE difference between these two perspectives. If you want to avoid the random buyers, you need to focus on the “THEY NEED”, not the “I EXPECT”.