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Hello Everyone!!

Please check out my Web Automation services using Katalon studio. Following is a business case which I automated for one of my client on Fiverr. Sharing it with community, so that my Katalon studio services could be leveraged to reduce time to market/cost.

Web Application Testing using Katalon Studio

  • Facilitates quick creation and execution of test cases
  • Feature for parallel execution in different browser
  • Provides reports for each of the suite execution
  • Execute multiple test suites at once with test suite collection


Carrying out regression test for each release seems to be time consuming while performing manual testing and so to improve accuracy, reduce test cycle time; they need to test the existing web application and detect bug using Katalon studio.

What we DO

Our test engineers generate the test scripts using the comprehensive Katalon studio tool. The developed Katalon tests scripts cover all the basic functionalities to check. We test the web application with different input parameter values and validate the correct response from the server. The test scripts in turn will validate the application logic’s and check the functional flow to meet the customer expectations. If any scenario fails, the tool will log a defect to respective mail-id and maintain the report in Katalon Analytics.


  • Ensures product stability with high coverage of test scenarios
  • With every new release tester can concentrate on new features/integrations and test the existing modules with already automated scripts thus reducing the man efforts
  • Tester has more time to concentrate on the fail scenarios
  • With the flexibility of passing test data, tester has option to test the application as many times with multiple data sets

My Katalon studio Services:

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