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You're All Invited to Our NYC Community Event on Sept. 30 - No Flights Required!

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Join us, here on this thread, at 7pm ET (4pm PT, 11pm GMT) on September 30th to attend the event via live stream where you will:

> Get a tour of the Fiverr office
> Meet some of our team members
> Get great tips & advice from Super Seller linneas88
> Share your ideas, feedback & questions with the Fiverr team.

Drop your thoughts or questions in this thread, and we'll answer them live on Wednesday.

We are so excited to be able to invite everyone to the party. Hope you can attend!

If anyone has any confusion about the time of the live event, you may go to the last page of this thread and scroll to the end for a live forum countdown.

Time until the live event

How cool, cant wait, I would want to know if questions are open to Linneas88 if she could answer this question; if Fiverr is her main income what tips would she give to a new seller who would want to work full time on Fiverr. Thanks.


That’s great , I will surely attend it

Wonderful, can’t wait! Thank you.



Great opportunity!

That will be a good opportunity for us to get an idea on how fiverr team works.,
Thank you.

this is awesome, fiverr got it all… i will try my best to be there. [self promotion removed by Moderator] :)>-

So how does the live stream work? Are you sending link or something? I’d like to join and I’ll be enroute at the time but want to be able to listen. Thank you!

Awesome, can’t wait :slight_smile:

I want to be a best seller. What’s the tips and tricks for that ?

Hi Good day!

This is sad I’m here on philippines, i can’t go to the event :frowning:


I’ll be there! (virtually).

I am in

This is great! Thank you very much!.

Thanks for the invitation. I will surely be there!

What a great party!:> Thanks so much Fiverr… It will be very interesting.