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You're All Invited to Our NYC Community Event on Sept. 30 - No Flights Required!


This is sure to be a valuable business experience. can’t wait!


Great! Can’t wait.
Thanks Team Fiverr.


all rigth!!


I will surely attend this by God’s grace.


Thanks for the Invitation, I will attend


Looking forward to it. Hope you send a reminder some hours to time.


Looking forward to it…I would like to ask what is the possibility to have live voice or video chat added to the features in order to perform consultations?


i will surely attend it…thanks for such an opportunity…Looking forward to hear the experts advice. please give me some tips to earn more on fiverr…


Ohhh god thats will be Amazing ....... Cant wait


Great! looking forward for the event :slight_smile:


I am in NYC. Is it possible to physically go to the NYC event on location.


am not even from the stats that’s not far


when are you going to have the live stream, on thursday, (I’m on E time)?
I’d love to attend.


fiverr is great plat-forum for freelancer but please let me know that how to get feedback from buyer because some buyer would mark on delivered order’s but did not leave a feedback of work that is a indirectly negative impact of freelancer profile for upcoming buyers who really concern about the reviews. if you make it compulsory for buyer so it can be solved.


Sounds cool. Can’t wait.


How to join I want to get tips from experts


Most definitely. Set it on my calendar.


do we just refresh this convo?


Looking forward to this.


Is it possible to change 5 star rating to some thing like thumb up and thumb down? people talking that there was thumb system an year or 2 ago…please answer in live stream. Also it will great if we can have live stream link.
Thank You.