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You're killing me "response rate"!

I understand the response rate and I am constantly on the app to keep the rating up. But is it me or is the system a bit harsh? I live in Australia and with most of my clients being overseas sometimes a message comes in when I’ve gone to bed and it might be a few hours (depending on how much my kids let me sleep) before I answer the message. My response rate drops so quickly and takes forever to bump back up. I also don’t understand how my response rate has dropped 1% again today when I’ve answered everything within 10 minutes in the last three or four days.


You’re not the only one, it’s a well known bug, I had to ask CS to reset it 5 times in one week, LOL. Atm mine is @ 98% for no reason what so ever but I’m sick to death of having to ask them to reset it, so when it drops below 50% I will tell them, as it’s taking too much of my time to care at this point, I really wish they’d just get rid of it altogether, it’s a useless stat that no one really cares about :slight_smile:

I am the same I am in the UK and a lot of my buyers are in the USA so I stay up till midnight 7 days a week with my phone next to me. I wish there was a way to take this into account for us. I am going to need eye surgery to remove these bags!!!

I completely understand fiverr wanting to create a really great buying experience for buyers… but my life doesn’t revolve around fiverr, sorry! I will absolutely answer someone within a day at the most - but it stinks I get docked for it, because it isn’t within MINUTES.

It would be nice if sellers could have an automatic, personalized “away message” – that replied to someone right away with whatever message we need to say… like, “I’m out sailing this afternoon; I’ll be in touch as soon as I get back!” or “Thank you for writing! I look forward to working with you. I’m currently finishing a large project, but will be in touch within 24 hours!” etc.

That’s a great idea–but far too sensible! Having said that, you can make message templates now which halfway meet that function, but of course you have to manually respond.

Mind you, I had a pretty bad cold recently and I did respond to a couple of messages explaining that I wasn’t 100% and to nudge me again in a week or so if the gig wasn’t urgent. It was pretty shocking how many replies came back with ‘I know you have a cold, but when do you think you can start?’

Well dude, I already answered that question and you’ve just guaranteed we’re not working together ever.

Same with me, I had the flu for 3 weeks and really didn’t feel like doing a whole lot, so I cut down on what I deemed the harder to do gigs and concentrated on the easier ones. I rejected quite a few gigs and some of the responses I got were so rude, like they didn’t care if I was sick and just wanted it completed and it shouldn’t take that much time and just do it and blah blah blah, I just blocked all those users as spam, I really don’t want to do work for ppl that don’t have any common human decency! :frowning:

Actually I complained to support for bumping down my response rate for being SOLICITED by spammers. People who offer me gigs even though I didn’t ask them to – I’m a seller AND buyer. I bought something and left a review, then several sellers in the category start sending offers. A) Don’t do that. B) Don’t drop my rating because of unwanted solicitations. They repaired my response rate when I griped at them. I did click the “No Thanks” feature, but it still dropped my rating because I didn’t actually REPLY to them.

Now when someone sends an unwanted solicitation I’ll just threaten to report them. That means I’ve done the reply thing which even when it’s a seller is apparently something I have to reply to quickly – and it will hopefully chill them to the bone that they might get their account shut down for being pushy.

So don’t run around soliciting people who don’t want it. There’s a buyer’s request area to bid on jobs buyers want. I’m not here to spam or be spammed.

That’s my rant. If you feel your response rate has been unfairly penalized like mine, complain. Maybe they’ll fix it.

Mine too has again dropped to 99% without any reason. Must be the sixth time, and I’m so sick of it I won’t even make a ticket about it lol. Unless I see significant drop in performance, which I don’t think a drop of 1% will cause.

I’m a bit new to Fiverr and I didn’t realize that I need to check it everyday so I came back and didn’t respond to one person until 17hrs had passed and now my rates are 50%. The day before they had started as 100%. Why did it drop so low??

It’s messed up. I had a spam message that was marked as spam by Fiverr and I couldn’t respond. Mine dropped to 80% because I could respond to a spam message.

Support is really helpful with this at least and if you message them here they will reset your response rate to 100%. They have had to do it for me about six times due to craziness on their end.

It’s good to respond to everything within an hour (where reasonable, you do need to sleep). My suggest is get the mobile app and set a shortcut phrase for something like “Thanks for the message/gig, I’ll respond with more information when I’m on my computer as I’m currently on mobile.” and send it back. It’ll keep your response up and your engagement with your buyer.

Best of luck on your new fiverr experience.

Mine was @ 94% today, then I replied to several messages and it went down, seriously this thing is bugged beyond belief it’s not even funny anymore, I think it’s high time they get rid of it, as pretty much no one likes or wants it!

I always respond to requests within an hour or two, but those emails wanting to sell me gigs of one sort or another has brought my response rate down to 75%. Replying is time consuming and hurting me. Sellers shouldn’t be permitted to promote their gigs this way. A ban would stop it.

Mine just decreased 2% with no new message in days as I am on vacation. SO WEIRD!

No one likes or wants the stars rating system either, but it’s still here. So I guess this bug will stay.

Same situation here :). Especially when my buyers are on the West Coast!

Star ratings I understand, response rate however is just useless, considering ever since I started here it’s NEVER worked correctly, I hadn’t had any inbox messages for two days because of the xmas break and it still went down, I mean seriously, doesn’t CS get sick and tired of ppl who are sick and tired of complaining about it? I don’t think it works properly for anyone, so why bother with it if pretty much everyone is complaining about it? It just makes sense to abolish it altogether…

Yeah same, I just mentioned it, boggles the mind how this thing operates or doesn’t should I say? LOL :confused:

So I think it’s safe to say the majority of ppl are sick to death of response rate, including CS, so Fiverr It’s about time you get onto this and kill it, mods, give them the hint please!

My Response Rate is fixed now! Just contact to :slight_smile:

After contacting CS about 50 times over the last few months just to fix it, I’ve given up, it’s simply too annoying! I will wait until it get’s below 50% then do it because atm I can’t keep wasting my time contacting them every day it goes down on it’s seemingly own accord, LOL :stuck_out_tongue: