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You're Not Special: A Lesson in Patience

Y’all need to realize that making a Fiverr account and creating some gigs doesn’t mean you’ll be an instant success and Top Rated Seller making a 6 figure salary within the first month. The seller pool in almost all the fields is heavily saturated with sellers. You’re not special.

Knowing this, don’t ask inane questions like “how to get my first order” or “how to get level one in a month” or anything that has to do with “how to” get instant success. Success on this site is not guaranteed. There are tips that can heighten your chances of getting buyers, but nothing is surefire. Also know that all of these tips have already been exhausted and posted in the Tips section, and there’s no need to ask questions the answer to is on the Fiverr site or the Forum.

Some things you could do are

  • Familiarize yourself with the Fiverr site (TOS, Seller Support Center, etc.)
  • Take a Learn course or two if you can afford it
  • Invest in yourself and your business
  • Read before you write.
  • Be patient
  • Read over some of the top forum posts on success if you’re looking for some free professional development.

You shouldn’t

  • Ask a question that’s been asked and answered a million times over

Thanks alot. Been thinking about quitting after one week and no order for my service. Guess, I’ll just have to wait.


In the meantime learn about your business and market. Waiting never brought anyone a sale.


Yeah, that’s true. Self development and improvement is the key


Even if you can’t afford a lesson, the “Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller” course is free.


I have complete this course :slight_smile: thank for knowing new user

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Something I’ve realized with this site, is that you have to be thinking of it as a marketing opportunity. You’ll have to branch out to your other platforms and get people who would normally request work from you, to come over to fiverr and put in that request here. It also helps to let people know that you do indeed have a seller page :smile:

My first gig came the first day I set it up, mostly because I let it be known to the people who were already interested in getting commissioned work from me. It was very convenient because they didn’t have to ask me for pricing lol.

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Patience is a virtue. You can hand out 100 business cards but That doesn’t mean you’re gonna be rolling in clients the next day.

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I never thought of using it as a price listing platform and push people through it. I just use it as an alternative at the minute but that’s a great idea!

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Yeah I realized it only when I started to set my price! It dawned on me that I could literally promote my fiverr page to those that want to comission art from me, and they could pay to have their drawing done through the site lol. If they ever wanted another piece from me in the future, they could head back over to the page and simply fill out the request there without having to ask how much I charge. :slight_smile:

You’d still have to deal with the 20% commission, though…

Totally! That’s a great example.

It’s important to focus on quality and need, not on pumping out as many promotions as possible, hoping some of them will get bites. It doesn’t work that way and makes the person look unprofessional and desperate.

@graphtersawyer I’m not special :sob:


amen! :raised_hands:

Do you see business coming from Fiverr or is it all from your personal contacts? How long have you been on here? I just started so just wondering.

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Yeah - I’ve just set up my first couple of gigs and dived in here on tips on getting my first order. I’ll wait and be patient. I’ve worked on other freelancing websites before, like Reedsy (coming over because there is a bigger buyer market here), and it does take a while to get your first order. I was lucky enough to get repeat customers on there, but it is just about waiting for your chance and being able to seize it when it comes!

Good luck to everyone here looking for how to be successful. Sometimes you just have to leave it down to luck.

“it is just about waiting for your chance and being able to seize it when it comes!”

No it isn’t at all. No one gets sales by just waiting. If you aren’t getting sales, there is a problem with your business, not bad luck.

Yes there are many factors here that are out of sellers’ control. But you only compensate for those and get sales if you identify and adapt to the factors you can control.

Successful sellers didn’t become successful out of luck or because they waited.

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Okay, I was probably being a little less accurate than I should have been.

You can create your own opportunities, promote yourself, make your gigs and offerings the best they can be. That is all down to you.

However, with a crowded marketplace, and especially as a first time seller without any reviews, there is a little luck and patience involved. I don’t think you can deny that. But if there are tips to getting that first offer I’d love to hear them.

Lots you can do despite a crowded marketplace like sell things with high demand and low competition. So you have to research and create gigs strategically. Most sellers here who say they aren’t getting sales are selling extremely competitive things and doing so with no value proposition.

If you aren’t getting sales in April, you aren’t any more likely to get a sale in November unless you adapt. Being idle and hoping for the best is a surefire way to fail. Researching client problems and creating solutions while you wait may change the tide.

Never create a gig before you know what buyers want and what your competition is like. Many sellers create gigs without doing market research. Huge mistake. If what you want to do has thousands of sellers, it probably isn’t worth your time unless you offer something different that has high demand and low competition.


I guess logo design or graphic design generally is one of those gigs that are over saturated here. This is what I offer, and I’m having a hard time getting an order, despite all my efforts.

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