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You're s***

There you go. 90% of questions answered. The remaining 10%, use the word no.

Go and achieve something.

mod/admin, please leave this open.


Maybe. Sins? That doesn’t make sense. Sons? Sent? Saps?

soup? slag? Is this a game?



One of the strangest threads I’ve seen here…and it’s in “tips for sellers”…so how long will this thread stay @fonthaunt?

(while she was gone I could sense the disdain radiating from her to us :slight_smile: )

Why? What did we do?

I don’t mean us as in you me and fonthaunt but I mean the forum in general.

I’d say haughty amusement instead of disdain. A British kind of haughtiness, not a mean kind. Maybe she will enlighten with further commentary.

Well, technically it’s a real tip based on the opinion of a real TRS. Our additions may not be very tiplike so far, but we could add some more. Whether it stays or goes away or gets moved really depends on the response. So far, it’s at least a discussion!

She’s not one to mince words.

Wow, this is hard!
It’s a tip for sellers…Emmaki as far as I know is the no-bull-sh*t-and-straight-to-the-point type, so I’m sure this has a deep meaning…

You’re s***. This is hard. It’s a tip.
You’re sane. Nah, don’t think so.
You’re…scum!! But that’s not really a tip is it.
You’re sick? You’re …sass. Nah, not it. I give uuuuuuuuuup!!

You sure its 90 and not 95% of the questions?

I can either share tips to deshitify (a real word that I just made up) the cadre who won’t make it simply because they’re not going to listen anyway OR I can share screenshots of my inbox idiots this past weeks. Lowlights include a rogue spammer insisting it’s not spam because it’s Easter (spam included was literally a free template that said “happy Easter your logo”), a request that turned into IT support, and a person with a boat party (read: mobile drunkard factory) who thought my copy was unclassy. Dude…your market is drunk English tourists. Ain’t no class in those parts.

But let’s look at actual posts where someone IS being useful, helpful and a better person than I am. Andy, who is doing a webinar on Monday at [your timezone time here]. Bravo Andy! He extends that grace to answering questions on that thread.

Just look at the abysmally low quality of responses. I stand by what I said. When I say “you’re ****”, I’m not singling you out as a person, dear reader. I am singling out the remarkably low quality of plenty of posters (sellers and buyers) who are desperate for success yet can’t seem to rub together an iota of sense. I do have disdain for those people, it’s true.

I mean, come on. “How can I make work” is not a question. It’s merely a post highlighting your fundamental uselessness, whether or not you can speak English. There are plenty of sh*tposters here with great English who are still ****.

Besides, y’all know this is the most interesting post you’ve seen all week :wink:

I don’t tend to radiate disdain while sleeping… I think? I’d rather not have a panel of scientists staring at me as I sleep to decide on my sleep emotions though. That’s a bit creepy. Though if I got $5 out of it, I might be persuaded.

I thought it was a slightly more cryptic piece of advice. I thought it was “You’re Siri”. That made sense to me as if all people with stupid questions pretended they were Siri in order to answer those questions they would figure it out themselves. Siri goes through the information it has to hand and picks the most applicable answer to the question. If people went through the information available (Forum, Blog, ToS etc) before posting, 90% of questions would be answered for them.

Your common sense is not welcome in these parts, Eoin. Get orf my land!