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You're s***

Andy, who is doing a webinar on Monday at [your timezone time here]. Bravo Andy! He extends that grace to answering questions on that thread.
Who is Andy?

I sincerely apologise for assuming there was common sense in your post! It won’t happen again.

Hahaha, the people you are directing this to Em… I don’t think they’ll get the point. But yes, this is the most interesting post from the tips for sellers section I’ve read this week. I’d like to see how this thread goes. :slight_smile:

He’s a super seller doing the webinar thingy for new sellers to help them get started, be successful and all that jazz. It should be floating about somewhere in tips for sellers. Honestly, nothing to see there except a sea of “THANK YOU ANDY!”

He explicitly asked for questions and got silver-crusted turds. Personally, I think Andy is wasting his time, but kudos to him in any case. It won’t hurt his rep with Fiverr HQ either, which is the really important thing here.

(Cynical, moi?)

I would have to agree with the you’re s*** statement. I had someone a couple of days ago asking how I do my ‘magic’ as he wants to make it big on Fiverr (even though I’m hardly ‘big’ myself). I said sorry, can’t help etc. He then comes back saying ‘okay, how about I order your gig and then you tell me?’

I was therefore tempted to say something like the first thing you have to do to squeeze your first idea out is lick a live power line. Alas, though, my conscience forbade me from being too venomous in case the poor chap actually followed my advice.

Have you noticed that the people who need to get the point most often end up impaling themselves on an unrelated needle in a haystack? We should take pity on them, really. But first, they need to understand the point–which is that (right now) they’re ****. But we can deshitify with teamwork! Remember guys, there’s no “i” in T E A M!


He would also give you a 1-star review because your magic fairy dust didn’t work.

S U C K ?

Not cynical, honest. And you know the kind of questions he would get anyway: “How can I get work?”

Yeah. I’m probably going to listen in anyway to see how it pans out. It’s at a bit of an awkward time for me though!

I would say you missed “on” or it could have been You’re on Sale :smiley:


Hmmm. I’m going to try your idea. YOU have inspired me! Watch for my next tips post!

Edit: Ok, I tried it. Interestingly, it yielded at least one or two real tips, even if they were sneaked from somewhere else on the web. Some rather fun ones too!